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Death Note

Oct 21, 2013

Top quality Anime! Death Note was an anime worth watching everything it had you wondering what was going to happen next at the end of every episode,  thinking about how you would deal if you had your own death note. Would you have gotten away with countless murders or would you have been caught? Would you have done it for justice or to further your own goals? 

The Story of Death Note was deep enough to be good, quick enough not to get boring and easy enough to follow that you always understood what was happening. However there was one major downfall in the way that Death Note played out, avoiding spoilers the story was going very well and kept you on your toes then it started to go round in circles and spent a few episodes explaining what you just watched (THEN IT HAPPENS) out of the blue one of the characters dies and its not a graceful death, it was less than average for such a lovable character. I personally found it hard to watch after this moment but I stuck with it as a fan would. The Ending itself was well enough done but predicable, it was one of those endings that you know its coming from the very begining. That being said it was still good enough that you could watch the entire series again without thinking "Oh no the ending is coming" (I'm looking at you furture dairy). 

Animation style and music suited the anime. The art style suited the gothic feel to the episodes and the colour wash outs and leaving of either red or blue only add to the effect of the scene. The Music is alway intence when it finally kicks in at full swing. 

Character wise the anime can be considered weird but I don't let something like that effect the score. Doesnt matter which one you like the most Light, L or maybe even Ryuk, they all have so much to offer when they are being serious or comedic, they all pull it off. 

Overall I gave Death Note 9/10. it's a must watch for fans of suspence style animes. 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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