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HAXD Oct 6, 2009

so I took a good look at what you've watched so far and I've found out why you have wai more then both of us... The closest I get to watching any kiddy anime... was dragon ball Z and that was when I was much younger. lmao. ;) and you've watched a major steamy shit load of kiddy anime... lol but to each their own... its just not any thing I can get into any more. I'd name them off, but I can't remember the names, and its not really important. but I did notice you have watched nearly all of the "epics" as far as I'm concerned. Bogart's still missing some of them. As far as I'm concerned... I'm even missing some of the important ones still, but I'm working on it still. McCoy and I are power lvling. hehe... any way I'm suposed to be at work already so I'm outie!!! 

HAXD Oct 6, 2009

lol no shit... I thought I was doing pretty well with all that I've watched... but well done anne. :) all things considered though I'm happy with as much as I've watched. Its all really good stuff.

cen Oct 5, 2009

Anne, you're pwning us all for anime watched!