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I suppose you have somehow found yourself at my profile page, so hello. I am just another bored human being with enough time on their hands to watch anime every now and then. OK, it is more like a ton of time, but who's counting?

For a quick explanation since I could go on for hours about myself, anime and manga watching/reading is more of a secondary hobby that is very on and off. I can do anime marathons for a few months, then leave for a year (or three). When I do come back, more often then not, I don't bother finding new anime to watch and just revisit old favorites. Hence why I have so many anime set as watched more than once. OK, they may not actually be favorites, but I am far too lazy to find new and interesting ones every single time.

As an edit a few hours later, it strikes me ironic that as I am writing this I am watching a few new anime... Controversy left and right, it seems. Though if I get bored enough, I can always go watch the second and third seasons of Durarara!!... Thanks for ruining my explanation, self.

A few random things about me ('cause I have no idea whatsoever to put on here otherwise) -

Favorite (Anime) Genre(s) - 1. Drama 2. Action 3. Mystery 4. Psychological 5. (Good, not overdone) Comedy

First Anime - Gosick (which even I can now find kind of odd) (I also do not count the ones from my childhood, as those were usually kind of involuntary...)

Random Goal - To get into reading manga more, and possibly before the actual anime adaption. Because I apparently like unachievable goals.

Random Facts - 1. My favorite language is Latin. 2. I rate anime by enjoyment value, not quality (though that does play a huge factor in enjoyment at times), so I feel I don't really have a right to officially rate one. 3. I still find it kind of amusing that although I have been on here for years, I still haven't made contact with another person here... I can't tell if that is me being shy (pft!) or just plain lazy. Probably the latter. Oh, well.

Still in dire need of an avatar for this site even after being on it for over three years... Doomed is what Fate has declared me to be.

And currently on my anime related life: Alright, No Game No Life, you've convinced me to try and watch you. Please don't let me down too much...

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