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My name is Aiye (No Not Really.) Im 14 years old and I love anime. Its been a great way to spend my summer, watching Anime that is.

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wolfangel87 Nov 11, 2007

Hehehe, I tend to watch some stuff on

That is actually where I have been watching it, they are all with english subtitles 

wolfangel87 Oct 17, 2007

I am in the middle of watch La Corda D'Oro and I have to tell you that I LOVE it!!!!  How is life going for you????

VivisQueen Sep 21, 2007

*agrees with Raewen*

 More to the point, she's watching Lovely Complex! Depending on what episode you're on, maybe you'll recognise my avatar. Haha!

Reawen Aug 5, 2007

I love that you have Ouran in your top 5 (it's my #1). And your comment about the "why do I love it? If you have to ask, you obviously haven't seen it" (paraphrasing here, because I can't remember exactly what it said).

Don't forget to fill out your watched, watching, etc. list. I know you just joined, so you probably haven't even had a chance to, yet ^_^ I just happened to go back to the user page right when you became the newest user to join... so I'll try not to jump all over you with impatience to check out your list.

Oh, and welcome to A-P! Don't worry, not everyone here is as crazy as I am. Most are, but not all ^_^