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Firenixzus Sep 29, 2009

Yeah it's a same that there are only 12 eps.. but even tho theres only 12 eps i get the felling there are more on the way at some time.. But allso do thos 12 eps u get a perty good picture of the story. Most admit that this are one of my fav.... shows ;P

Firenixzus Sep 27, 2009

So hows it going.. Are u watching some of the recommendations i made for u.. Just say if u need more ;)

Firenixzus Sep 25, 2009

Well then lets see. Lets go for some adventure and fantasy, shall we ;) But it's hard to rec something u havn't watch allready ;P But i'm not gonna look thu so meny watched.. as i have the same amout. So sorry if theres something u have seen allready.. Then next time i'm gonna try harder ;)

  • The Story Of Saiunkoku Season 1 and 2
  • The Twelve Kingdoms
  • Baccano! OPS This one can get kinda hard to follow as it jumps in timelines in the story all the time.. But all in all it's a very good show..
  • Code Geass
  • The Familiar Of Zero
  • Daphne in the Brilliant Blue don't know if this is cat...s right.. but i think it shows a life jorney.
  • Grenadier

If we go to School life i have some good ones:)

  • The Wallflower
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Best Student Council

Other good ones:

  • Black Blood Brothers
  • Black Lagoon
  • Buso Renkin
  • Chrno Crusade (A most watch if u know whats best for u ;P)
  • Get Backers really funny
  • Glass Fleet

Well lets say this is for now.. Then get back to me.. I have a 2 partys to go to today and a LAN party ;P Besy besy besy ;)

Firenixzus May 19, 2009

Welcome to A-P

Just ask if there is anything u like to know. Or if u are in need of a good Recommendations on what to watch nxt ;D