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Well my name is Alex and i'm 17..been watching anime for a while now not totally sure when I started.It really is hard for me to choose a top 5 since there is so much anime that i love..The characters,storyline,music, look,character development all are very important in making a good anime to me.

Unfourtnatley the don't have G Gundam or Megazone 23 on here which are some of my favorites but I have so many favorites there is no way I could say there are a definite 5 that I like out of all of them of course there are some that i've watched but were a complete waste of time.I don't see what the whole sub or dub thing is about but really however I watch it first is how I like it subtitles don't bother me in the least. I'll talk anytime and talk a lot I do.

I love to play games as well,any kind really.RPG,RTS,FPS you name it I probably like to play it.

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MrKorrrn Jan 10, 2008

well I think I could least see the ending of each anime and well if it's a boring serie I use to workout while watching so not that much of wasted time ^^

MrKorrrn Jan 9, 2008

I didn't like it because of main charaters style in combat hes ignoranse, and well It wasn't realy anything who kept be from half sleeping thew the whole serie. I didn't felt anything who was intresting at all felt like. There were some parts trying make you wonder why is it like this? but I felt so unintresed that those parts just made me even more bored whit it. and you knew what were going to hapen thew most of the serie.

Tbh I dunno why I even saw the whole show :p 

rockenroll4life Jan 7, 2008

Greetings Alex and welcome to A-P!

Nice list of anime you got, and I know what you mean. It's hard to select a specific top 5, I feel like changing mine all the time but I have to refrain myself. haha.

Oh, haha, what I wanted to ask you about. I'm currently watching Kiddy Grade, and I noticed you finished it. What did you think of the series as a whole?

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. Don't forget to get yourself an avatar as well. ;)