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Rainbow is quite possibly the silliest name for a post WWII drama about seven dudes. I mean, I was looking at my anime to-watch list, and nearly laughed at myself for the names. It was right beside Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex, Ben-To, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, to give some idea about my weird to-watch list. For some reason I had forgotten what the anime was about and was expecting some My Little Pony bullshit.

Add to that that I don't know hardly any Japanese, so the Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin part of the title just looked like nonsense.

But as soon as I opened it I remembered what it was about, and immediately pulled into watching it. I was so pulled in that I watched it while on my weekly retreat to my friend's house. It was so pull-in-able that my friend even got into, though admittedly for her a lot of it was wanting Turtle with Cabbage or some stuff. Uncovered with Joe? Mario with Soldier? I don't remember her pairings... NO WAIT. SHE WANTED UNCOVERED WITH SOLDIER CAUSE OF THE ONE THING. And Turtle with... Mario...?

Oh nevermind. That's not important. The one actually gay person in the show was a pervert, anyways.

But it was awesome. Totally awesome. It pushed the 'they're close' angle a bit too much in the narrations, but I really enjoyed the show overall. :D

Now I need to pick the next anime. =x I guess it's Ghost in the Shell, if I can just find the english dub to help with my lack of attention span with that anime. The english dub is pretty good, last time I checked.

When I come back to my friend's house, we're probably watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Til then I have Ben-to and Ghost in the Shell.

EDIT: ALSO. I forgot to mention this. X_X I WAS SO SO SO HAPPY THAT THE BEGINNING DIDN'T TURN INTO ENZAI, OMIGOSH. I was worried for their buttholes. ;-;


Marceus avatar Marceus
Jan 6, 2012

Whenever I see the title I always think of it as some sort of light hearted slice of life or something... I'm way off... xD

sothis avatar sothis
Jan 6, 2012

i really liked what i saw of Rainbow, i need to finish it!

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