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Stuff I Watched With My Dad

24 NOV

On my last blog, I mentioned that I watch anime with my dad, but here's a full list, including his reaction and liking of each. I rewatched all of these with him, unless stated otherwise.

Plus I figure this is a good thing to write about on Thanksgiving. One of the major things I have to be thankful for is my dad, who's like a best friend to me. I can talk to him about nearly anything, except sometimes boys, but well, you don't want to get to into that with your parents, as that is creepy. So here's a list, including why he liked it. It's kind of a reccommendation thing, as some anime are hit-and-miss.

Fullmetal Alchemist — Oh god how my dad loves this series. He ate it up! We both love Edward Elric as a main character, and the action was very enthralling for him. The random comedy interspersed throughout it always made my dad laugh, and he had a huge thing for Lust (if any guy watching this didn't, he either has no appreciation for the animated female form or was more interested in Edward or Mustang).

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood — Kind of a cheat to put this under FMA, since they stem from the same manga, but after a point they're totalling different stories. FMA was more light-hearted, while FMA: Brotherhood was a bit darker and got darker more quickly. Hughes dies way earlier in the series (more to my dismay than my father's), and they delve more into the makings of a Philosopher's Stone and genocide and all of that. He enjoyed both series, and it's hard to tell which one he liked more. I think he may have enjoyed parts of FMA a little better, but he would agree that FMA: Brotherhood told a better story.

Chobits — A SWING AND A MISS. I was just randomly rewatching shows, and I figured I'd watch this one. It made me laugh a couple of times, so I gave it a shot. The type of humor wasn't for him, and he was constantly complaining about how stupid the main guy was for not just hooking up with the girl from his restaraunt. I think it got him thinking about what he would want in a persocom, but he didn't find the show funny or even amusing, and the end kind of escaped him.

Ouran High School Host Club — He loved this one. He also changed my views on it a tad. When I first watched it, I was 11. So give me a break when I say that I was too dazzled by the guys to even notice Haruhi. I didn't pay attention to her, the main character. I was paying attention to my own personal game of, "That one's Hikaru, that one's Kaoru, let me tell you how I know—" to even notice her. Rewatching it with my dad six years later and seeing her through his eyes, not just the pretty boys they were dangling on the screen, made me realize how much I loved her as a heroine. He adored this show and thought each episode was hilarious, though the gayer bits left him a bit awkward, he's not homophobic or anything, so it was fine for him. He asked me what the hell I was having him watch the first time Hikaru and Kaoru did their act, but when I explained that it was just an act (no matter how much I love that pairing, despite the twincest), he was fine with it.

Naruto — Another one he really really likes. The main character being a dumbass is what's so hilarious to him, and my dad really likes the action sequences. We watched this and a good deal of Shippuden, but when we caught up to the end, I kept reading the manga and he stuck with the anime, which he dropped since I was no longer watching it. We should probably pick it back up again, since he really did enjoy it. It's also a plus that I'm so much of a Narutard (okay, recovering Narutard, let's give myself a little credit), because I could remind him of who each character is and why they're taking up space on the screen.

Basilisk — I've been rereading the book "Kouga Ninja Scrolls" every so often since I was 10. I love that book. I don't even know why. I also love explaining to people what I'm reading. "Romeo and Juliet, with more deaths and ninjas with superpowers," is how I describe it, especially to literature teachers, who just sit there, baffled. I don't know why I love it so damn much, it's hard to explain. The story is just amazing to me. Only about 3/4 of the characters have a chance to actually develop personality, but 3/4 of a cast of at least 25 is impressive. I hated the movie based on this, but the anime was very accurate, so I quite liked the anime. I figured since my dad liked Naruto, he'd like Basilisk. Not so. Basilisk was missing the light-hearted nature of Naruto, and well, animation-wise, it's also much darker and harder to follow for my dad.

Cowboy Bebop — Another show he loved. He thought that it was really cool, and he loved the overall tone of it. It had more subtle humor which he also enjoyed, but he loved both Firefly and Star Trek, so in the end, he probably enjoyed this show even more than I did. Rewatching it at 16 gave me a better understanding of the anime than I had when I was 10 and I enjoyed the story more, but basically the reason I rewatched it was Spike Spiegel. And while there are plenty of shows my dad watches just for one character (usually a hot girl), he would sometimes off-handly comment about Faye, but Cowboy Bebop was more interesting to him on the whole than just one character. It's one of my favorites now, but it wasn't back then, and it's probably one of my favorites now because of watching it with my dad.

Blood+ — For a while, I thought he only enjoyed this anime because he thought Saya and Haji were silly names. For a year, I kid you not, he'd randomly yell the names in funny voices at the cats, me, and my sister. "SAY-YA! HAAA-JEE!" But he enjoyed the show so much that, when I went away for a trip near the last ten episodes, he actually watched it without me. It was the first time he'd done that with an anime, and it was the first time I had clarification that he wasn't just watching the anime with me becuase I wanted to, he was watching them because he enjoyed them. It was action-packed and had very little humor outside of the first twelve episodes and had a much darker theme than the other anime he had previously enjoyed. He loved the story and his favorite character was Diva, which we constantly fought over (I hated her, and oddly enough my favorite character was Karl, which he couldn't understand, either).

Death Note — The story intrigued him, but he wasn't as into the characters as I was. He loved Misa, who annoyed me, but watching it with my dad somehow made me actually kind of sort of like her, despite the fact that I used to hate her with a burning passion. He enjoyed the back and forth aspect of it, and followed the thinking patterns and tried to make guesses.

Dectective Conan — He liked this one all right, but he wasn't as good at guessing what went down as I was, and it started frustrating him. The show didn't have an overall plot that interesting him nor characters that he really really liked, so we dropped it with no ill will. We might pick it up again in the future, if we're in the mood.

School Rumble — He liked the humor, but the fact that the overall plot was basically a subplot, if there even was an overall 'plot', that got buried underneath the hiilarity of just what the highschoolers were doing and how they were interacting wasn't a plus for him like it was for me. When he watches a show, he expects it to be going somewhere. Sometimes, I really just don't, and hook onto a show to just enjoy the ride. That's a reason I didn't bother trying Azumanga Daioh, because I knew he wouldn't care for it.

Karin — He really enjoyed the characters more than the plot. He loved Henry and Carrera Marker more than Karin and Kenta, to the point where he'd visibly perk up if one of the two showed up on screen. He also loved the grandmother, Kenta's mother, and before you think it was all about the adults, Karin's best friend, Maki. He didn't mind the main characters, but for him, the plot was secondary to seeing the characters he liked react to what was going on.

Bleach — My dad and I watched 150 episodes of Bleach together, both of us seeing it for the first time. We lost interest about when they got the girl back... I forget names, except for Kenpachi and Ichigo, but the black-haired chick, started with an 'R'... and started on other shows. We both enjoyed it well enough, but not as much as we enjoyed Naruto, and not enough to watch all of the episodes, much like Dectective Conan.

Shows I almost watched with him, but didn't, and why.

Furuba — I enjoyed it the first time around, but nowadays, if I want to re-see it I read the manga so I can skip over Tohru's monologues. He would have fond the show boring and girly in a way that he wouldn't have been able to enjoy, more than likely. Also, the fact that half of the plot is only in the manga was the big clencher on not watching it with him.

Inuyasha — We watched two episodes of it, but he couldn't get into the supernatural aspect of the show. He thought it was boring, and I kept trying to tell him to give it a chance until Sango and Miroku showed up, but he wasn't having it. Maybe if I had jumped to them picking up Miroku and just explained everything to him it might have been different, but he basically fell asleep watching it.

xxxHolic — I almost watched it with him because I felt like rewatching it, but the general feel of it wasn't something my dad would care for. It was too supernatural in a way that he wouldn't have been able to connect with and enjoy.

Read or Die I still think about this one from time to time, but for some reason I keep going, "NO, he'd hate it." I'm not sure why. I think maybe because it's sci-fi, but not the kind of sci-fi my father tends to enjoy. He might like the movie on it's own, but I can't imagine him enjoying the show.

Air — It gets vague near the end and a lot of it is abstract, so I don't think my dad would pick up on it. And it's not his fault and I'm not calling him slow or anything — he picks up on abstract American movies all the time. But that's just it. He's never really seen an abstract animated movie, and I think that he might get lost. I've been watching anime since I was 8, and when I saw Air at 11, I understood it perfectly because abstract-ness is present, at least in small part, in every anime I watch.

Elfen Lied — When my dad was cool with the amount of blood in Blood+, I got excited about watching this and then stopped myself. Did I really want to watch an anime about naked girls and sadistic killers and sadistic naked girls with my father? No, no I did not. He saw me watching this at one point and thought it was some kind of gore-porn (guro, but he doesn't know that, or at least I pray he doesn't) at first, and that didn't bode well for his enjoyment of the series. Why would I even consider watching this with my dad? That would be stupid.

Gakuen Alice — Can't imagine my dad enjoying a show about little kids, and like Furuba, most of the plot is in the book.

And that's the big list.


Lithiumpowered avatar Lithiumpowered
Oct 8, 2013

rofl, my parents just thought i was watching cartoons when i used to live with my folks. At first I felt the need to diferentiate between the two, but now I just call them Japanese Cartoons just so people understand what im talking about.

super jelly that at least one of your parents actually showed some interest in the shows.

jeffsong avatar jeffsong
Feb 28, 2013

Did I really want to watch an anime about naked girls and sadistic killers and sadistic naked girls with my father? No, no I did not. He saw me watching this at one point and thought it was some kind of gore-porn...0_O

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Nov 25, 2011

I can sometimes get my dad to watch Satoshi Kon movies with me, but other than that, he thinks a 21 year old should stop watching cartoons >_<

In other words, I'm super jealous of you.

Marceus avatar Marceus
Nov 24, 2011

That's pretty awesome. I don't really have a dad, but my mom likes watching anime as well. So far she's enjoyed InuYasha (liked it way more than I had expected...) Case Closed, Bleach, Death Note and a few others. She's been watching Fruits Basket and Soul Eater recently and she seems to like them quite a bit. I don't typically watch anything with her though.

Bramblestar avatar Bramblestar
Nov 24, 2011

You must have a cool dad. :D

I don't have anyone I can watch anime with, but that's ok. Sometimes the most relaxing thing I can do is talk to the users on this site and watch some capitvating anime. :)

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