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FINALLY Finished Lovely Complex

24 NOV

About six months ago I was watching this with my dad — and yes, I do that all the time. ACTUALLY, HOLD ON, THAT'LL BE MY NEXT BLOG. Not that anyone is probably reading this.

But well, we kind of dropped it in favor of some other show, most likely How I Met Your Mother (non-anime, for those who don't know). It got pushed to the back of my mind and I haven't started it up again since.

It's hard watching an anime for the first time with my father, because a lot of shows are hit and miss. He liked the ten episodes of LoveCom that he saw well enough, but he was into it like with some of the others.

Anyways. I really liked the show. The circumstances were a bit cliche, but it's set in a highschool, so what else do you expect? Hardly anything happened to me in highschool that I didn't see in an anime before, except for my asian guy friend freaking out because my little sister hid his bookbag, which had weed in it; a few kids got caught having sex in the stairway; some kid from another nearby high school walked up to my other friend and punched him in the face for no reason; and me and my friends played D&D.



And well, Yu-Gi-Oh got close to the last one (replace D&D with Magic the Gathering), kids sexing in the stairway has probably happened in some hentai I'm unaware of... the other few things I think could chalk up to American schools sucking in my area.

But I digress.

I loved the characters in Lovely Complex. They were flawed in obvious ways that were enjoyable to watch, and they never go out of the way to shove Risa being pretty in your face. In a lot of anime, the girl is so obviously beautiful that when they're self conscious, I just want to smack them. But Risa's heigh and a lot of her unfeminine mannerisms make her an unusual protagonist. I also loved Otani, in that he acted like a dude. He was blunt to the point of wanting to kill him sometimes, he was honest, and he was clueless.

I will say that I felt horrible for Risa for about 70% of the show. I feel for my best friend in high school, too, and damn it hurt to be rejected. But I still hung around him, even though I was pretty sure that it would never amount to anything. I got multiple sort-of indirect rejections all the time, but I couldn't stop liking the guy. We had the same love of non-mainstream stuff that Risa and Otani did. Unfortunately, we didn't walk out of highschool practically engaged, but this anime made me emphatize with the main female a lot, to the point where I almost cried when she cried a few times.

Except for one thing.

I'm short. o-O; The guy I liked was short, too, and all the girls he liked were short (basically everyone other short girl in our grade, the bastard). It wasn't a height complex so much as a... how did he put it? The girl from middle school ruined white girls for him? Or was it the ginger thing? Or maybe it was that I wasn't athletic?

Me = the result of what LoveCom might have been like, should it have had an unhappy ending. lol Bitter and annoyed, but still holding out some kind of weird, false hope.

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Bramblestar avatar Bramblestar
Nov 24, 2011

I really like your opinion on this series. I found it enjoyable to watch and a little funny to think about, because I've always been the shortest girl in my school.

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