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"The woman I love burns with jealousy, leaps to conclusions, cries, and turns to ice. But when she laughs, the world is mine."

- Yusaku Godai, Maison Ikkoku

"I felt like I was watching a dream I could never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was all over."

- Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop


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VivisQueen Dec 29, 2010

PS. What the hell is wrong with you? Dropping Lovely Complex? Are you sick?

VivisQueen Dec 29, 2010

I presume most obvious prediction means it's true?

And hope you had a Merry Christmas too, me dear, and looking forward to an awesome 2011! I just bought myself a ticket to my first anime-oriented social event. It's a marathon-esque con. Needless to say, I'm just there to watch 'free' anime and read 'free' manga and stay in a hotel for two nights all for just 98 EU! Now to go spend my earnings on Pluto, Short Program, and cheap Gundam DVDs...

sothis Dec 26, 2010

Hi there,

First off, while Vivi might find the excessive 'you hate men and dont like penises' type talk clever/endearing/[insert other adjectives here as i'm not sure why she tolerates it], i don't. i'm married and happen to like men just fine, so if you'd like to give me feedback on the site, please do feel free - i'm always looking to improve things and like hearing opinions. but leave the misogynistic and judgmental stuff out of it please. i also have no interest in hearing about your sexual preferences or masturbation stats. thanks!

you're right that the site is devoid of hentai at the moment; there's a good reason for it. when anime planet was first created 10 years ago, it was as a recommendation database solely. we didn't focus on high quality info the first few years and the recs were pretty much the main reason to come to the site. personal anime/manga lists didn't exist until 3 years ago, as well. back then my thought process was 'is there really a point to most hentai recommendations? 'if you liked this tentacle rape youd like this tentacle rape title too'? So, I never added it. That's really the only reason.

as anime-planet came to focus on completion and high quality information, i agree that there's a gap by not having hentai titles. rest assured it's on the list of things to take care of, it's just prioritized lower than some other things right now. it won't be as simple as just adding them - i'd like a system in place at the same time that allows people to opt in to seeing them (just like anidb does or other similar sites), so it'll be a bit of a task to get completed.

re: the lists - it's another gap that you're totally corect about. the limit 5 thing is annoying, i had a reason for it at first, and have been meaning to up the count. i'll look into finally doing that today if i have a chance. the custom lists feature ended up being this mega expensive thing that almost no one uses, so i haven't spent much time on it since then (for example, i wanted to add a field that lets you give a reason for each title too, but due to not a lot of use i figured my time was better spent elsewhere). images aren't currently planned for the lists but i'll keep that in mind, as i may indeed want to tweak them soon.

currently i'm focusing most of my energy on retooling a lot of important pages on the site (homepages, entry pages, etc) to be more strongly focused on recommendations and some other key features, as i think it'll help hone the focus of what the site is.

re: the rarities list, yeah, you might like some of them. i need to probably update it, then again i rarely ever find hidden gems, mostly hidden piles of shit with all the crap i watch just to add info to the database ;)

SamusXtreme Dec 25, 2010

Hey, you're on here. Interesting.

It's been a while since I've checked up on what anime you're currently forcing yourself to sit through, but I vaguely recall you sending me a friend request daring me to write a 25+ paragraph message and then disabling comments a day or two later.

Mixed messages, man.

Anyway, why was I writing this message again? Oh, that's right.

Happy Christmas/Kwanza/Chanukah/Whatever-the-sod-you-do-on-the-25th. Be merry and gay, and stuff.

And that's about it. I would write a longer message that's not horrible, or curse at you for the smallest reasons, but I'll just wait 'til you enable comments on your MAL to complain about things like the fact you have Griffith on your hated characters.

(Why is it making me say something like "Konnichiwa!"? Sod this commenting system.)

VivisQueen Dec 23, 2010

I might try that one day, just buying stuff because they're good bargains and then watching them. That seems to introduce an element of randomness and will make discovering my next new joy an exciting venture. Thanks for the idea!

As for giving up on anime, well, I wouldn't stop you, but I sincerely hope that doesn't happen. I think just because the number of anime you outright love are diminishing, it doesn't mean anime needs to lose its fascination. Don't forget that trends change, and the next cycle might bring a whole slew of shit you'll adore. Also, your development as a fan seems natural; you've got a strong base of variety behind you, so you can now have the luxury of cherry picking what you watch and won't watch. You don't have to review, you don't have to get involved with people online, you can just watch it when you please and then get on with the rest of your life. I believe that's fine too.

Currently, I'm enjoying anime as a means of producing writing as much as for its own sake. If I was no longer interested in reviewing, I'd probably watch far less than I already do. I'd give it up for long periods and then go on gluts. As is, I'm just happy keeping a constant stream of a handful. And because I choose stuff I can get excited about for one reason or another, I'm not jaded. I genuinely want to remain an anime fan until the day I die since it's so much a part of my identity as well (along with Disney, I associate it very strongly with my childhood happiness and my interest in writing fantasy stories). I want to pass on all these awesome shows to my kids, get them hooked early, and future husband/partner would need to either enjoy it or have no problem with me enjoying it.

What keeps me e-social at the moment is finding the one or two people who share my interests or know shit that I want to know e.g. Funkgun, valondar, you. As long as someone is posting an evaluation of a show that's considered and interesting, I'll tag along. I lost interest in online arguments a long time ago, I disengage myself from them quickly, and I rarely go places where the conversation won't at least be a little substantial. That's how I stop myself from being jaded about online communities as well. Maybe you should try that? Lol.

PS. I saw Gundam F91 on amazon for dirt cheap. SO buying it. Is it any good?