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Elfen Lied

Oct 23, 2011

Elfen Lied made me relize that if you explode ten or so guys at the first ten or so minutes, then I'll like it, and so will everyone else...

Intresting fact: Elfen Lied is german for Elf Song at the end it says the end in german...what's up with the german, the show has nothing to signify german within it at all...


Now read the synopsis and you’ll know the plot…alright now that you’re done reading that I can get started. Now since I’m a teenager and an anime fan it’s almost law that I should like this anime, well since I’m not one to break the law I guess I’ll do it, but I’ll at least explain why this show is pretty good.

It starts out with something no one can ignore with a straight face, which is a good thing for any show. This is because it instantly sucks you in and makes it so that you aren’t going to stop watching the show any time soon. Now being a stupid teenager I have an attention span similar to a three-year-old listening to Great Depression stories, and a big percentage of people that watch anime are teenagers, so these shows need something big to grab our attention, knock it out, and duct tap it to a chair; otherwise, we teenagers will just stop watching the show (either that, or I just have ADD).

Now to stick to the first scene I’d like to offer a thought which seems no one thought of before (i.e. you don‘t care to hear an opinion about something somewhat off topic you can skip this paragraph). When I started to watch this show I thought of the power as a psychic ability, the first scene shows a woman with a weird helmet escaping a facility, she ends up only saying Nyuu over and over again—wait a minute, don’t these things sound familiar? Pokemon only say their name, Mewtwo has a back story exactly like Lucy’s . . . connect those dots, this story is inspired by the pokemon Mewtwo, even Nyuu sounds like Mew (in fact that‘s what I think she‘s saying…). Ehh, ehh, ehh?

Next, for all of the shallow people out there, it DOES have a story. Yes, the story isn’t the best in the world, but it’s defiantly better than a lot of other stories I’ve seen throughout my anime watching experience. For everyone that thinks, they could tell that the story goes to a sort of, how cruel humans can get themes, one part in particular still disturbs me now that I think of it, when Lucy has a *spoiler tag* and shows how those boys *spoiler tag*’ed her *spoiler tag*, it still makes me pissed off…

Next, the story is told in a very good way, never to spend too long on a slow part to bore you, and never spends too long on an exciding part to make you get sick of it. Whether you hate it, or like it, you probably finished the whole series for two reasons: first, you can finish the whole series in one day and two it passes itself very well.

This show proves that even a particularly average story told in the right way can be very exciting.

Plot gets a 6, writing gets a 6.5, pacing gets a 10, theme gets an 8 average those out and you get: 7.6


I don’t know about you, but showing nudity in this show is very unnecessary, one, it’s not sexy at all since the only thing that goes well with soft core porn is humor, and this show has very little of that, yet it still wants to show us naked (and underage) girls with blood all over them, or around them. It’s not sexy at all; it’s just very disturbing (though I guess the animators meant for that?  Maybe?) And then the opening scene shows a lot of that as well.

As for everything else, it defiantly has a few eye catching moments, though those are given away with the site’s screen shots. So those will be the most artistically attractive moments in the show (unless you like the opening scene since it‘s defiantly trying to be artistic.)

Beyond that though, everything else is reasonably well done, though nothing too good, nothing original in any case.

Frame rate gets a 9, detail gets an 8, art gets a 5.5, and originality gets a 5; average those out and you get: 6.8


Everyone seems to agree that Elfen Lied’s music is very good, and I guess I agree; though the show seems to shove the opening scene’s song in your face as much as possible since that seems to be the big highlight of Elfen Lied’s soundtrack.

I’ve never been a Simon Cowell of voice acting, (either that or most people are just really picky with voice actors…probably the second option though…) but the voice acting isn’t bad, or horrible or any other word you can come up with, but it’s not great either. I can believe that these people would sound like that, but my god, sometimes it seems like they’re voice acting and not actually going through these horrific events. But what does this mean, of course they’re voice acting; well great actors don’t seem like they’re acting, they seem like they’re actually going through the events on the show. That is the difference between good voice acting and great voice acting.

So music gets a 9 and voice acting gets a 7 average those out and you get: 8


You know what I think of the characters? I can’t even remember any of their names except for Lucy and Kurama…alright now that I’ve looked up their names I can get going…

Interesting characters: Lucy, Bando, Kurama, and Mayu. Everyone else either really pisses you off or you don’t really care for them since they act like some sort of stupid teenager…well okay, one more stupid than me…wait, I’m not stupid! At any rate too much in depth on the characters because the only complaint I have for the characters is that they’re all either completely uninteresting, or really irrelevant to the story, such as Mayu (and this is one of the interesting people) where the only big thing she does is find Nana, who is one of the many tragedies of the story…

But anyway, character realism gets a 4 since a few of the characters seem to act too stupid to be human, character diversity gets a 8.5 since you can tell a difference between characters beyond their looks, character purpose gets a 5.5 since a few of the characters seem to serve little to no purpose, character interest gets a 6.5 since some of the characters are a little interesting; average those out and you get: 6.


So Elfen Lied is not for everyone, you have to be able to take in some disturbing stuff since this show has a lot of that, and you have to take a lot of unnecessary nudity. But you still get a greatly paced story, lots of harsh gore, and a very dark theme.

Story: 7.6, Animation: 6.8, Sound: 8, Characters: 6 = 7.1 plus my personal enjoyment brings this to 8 (That‘s right, it‘s whatever I want it to be).

I recommend this show to anyone who likes dark themes, and gore.

7.6/10 story
6.8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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