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When I first started watching this show I always wondered why it was called Code Geass. Basically because I pronounced Geass like Ge-ass sounding like I said “The ass” but beyond that, code the ass is one of my favorite animes of all time.


You don’t need me to write the basic plot that’s what the site summery is for, so if you haven’t read the summery, I suggest you do so now…done? Okay let’s start this then. So basically this show is somewhat like Death Note, but with a different power, different setting, and different main character (though somewhat the same). When *spoiler tag* happens Lelouch becomes Zero and has the whole Britannian Empire against him—Also Britania is the U.S.A. combined with the U.K….I don‘t know, I just feel somewhat hurt that America is the bad guy in this—But personal feelings aside, I guess you’re probably wondering what I think about the story, huh? And that you’re assuming that I love it since I can see the “fanboy” labels coming up already.

Well, I do like the story, but the way it’s brought out kind of pisses me off. Some of the most biggest tension from the story comes from the fact that Lelouch (warning spoiler, but it needs to be said) can only use his mind control on a person once (Not too big of a spoiler, but it removes the half-surprise you‘ll get at that moment). This is very important to the plot of the show, because when *spoiler tag* happens it really screws him over. Now you might be thinking to yourself “so what, it adds suspense” Which I agree to completely, but there’s a hole to this, after all, he could just say “follow my every order” and the fact that it only works once no longer applies (and yes it works he does it in R2), and so code the ass has one big hole that bothers me; though, it wouldn’t have been as good if he did that at first, so what the writers should have done is remove the part when he does it in R2.

Okay, I’m worried that I told a little much in that last paragraph (I‘m pretty much a spoiler nazi) so I’ll make sure to keep that at a minimum for now on. So why does code the ass have so much fandom? It’s because it has a lot of different story elements. For example, like mecha? It has that, and a lot of that quite frankly; it also has action, yuri, drama, comedy, magic, super powers, ecchi, fantasy, incest, love triangles, martial arts, secret identities, a military, anti-heros, political intrigue, psychological plots, harem, sci-fi, shonen, yaoi, suspense, thrillers, and war. Indeed, it seems that the writers put a little of everything into this show, even Pizza Hut product placement which probably won’t work on me, since  my nearest Pizza Hut is 100 miles away, but it did somewhat make me giggle whenever I saw the obviously apparent Pizza Hut logo in the background.

So, do you like how I keep going on and on about nothing much? Well if you don’t then code the ass will make you happy, because it’s plot is rather fast, though I wouldn’t like to use the term “rushed” since I still know everything about the show, and there’s no unanswered questions, just an open ending which is open because there’s a second season of code the ass so that you can feed all of your code the ass cravings when you’re done with R1.


The show’s animation is pretty good, I have literally nothing bad to say about it…wait for it…EXCEPT Ougi, a character that doesn’t matter much, but every time I see him I feel like he just doesn’t belong, he looks like a character from an older anime—unless this is just me, otherwise I apologize, but my opinion doesn’t fit yours; other than that though, there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to code the ass.

And the show even shows some boobies for anyone who isn’t pretending to be a pervert (and girls).


The only song I can really remember right now is the opening theme, though now that I think about it, all the music seems to fit really well with every scene…besides the opening. Though it’s not really that weird to hear it just doesn’t seem to fit very well, somewhat, but not all that well.

The voices in code the ass are superb, I hate to sound like a fan boy, but I really like the voice of Johnny Yong Bosch, every anime that he’s in is a must watch for me, though I‘m not going to like it no matter what, his voice is just a big plus for me. I just love his voice in a non-homosexual way.

So music is a 6 and voices are a 10 average that out and sound gets an 8


Code the ass has a large number of characters and because of the show’s short running time hardly any of them get developed, by the end of R1 you basically get the personality of everyone, but no real reason for them existing (Which sounds kind of evil now that I repeat that in my head). So let’s look the main character Le-douche—or I mean Lelouch—he starts out as a man that wants to get revenge on Bitania and make the world a better place, he ends as a man that wants to get revenge on Bitania, and make the world a better place…for his sister. One of the official reviews of this say that Lelouch is not a real character, but I believe that he is. Lelouch’s revenge defines his character, now why is this real? Well this is because he’s been planning revenge his whole life.

Though he seems to be sad at the sea of corpses that he’s made, he still comes to battle with an evil look and laugh to go along with that. Now how is this real? That just seems to by very inconstant with his character; well, have you ever seen a war veteran, yes, oh yeah, well have you actually listened to what he was saying?! Most veterans will say that war changes them, and that when combat is happening you become a totally different person, this explains Lelouch apparent personality changes, it’s reasonable, and not fake.

But beyond Lelouch, there are few others worth mentioning, such as Suzaku, who seems to be a great rival to Lelouch. C.C., who has a saucy personality but her back story isn’t reviled till R2. There’s a few more, but because of the low number of worthwhile characters I’m going to give this a score of 7.


Now why do I like this show? It’s because it’s a show that makes me feel smart and most shows can’t say that about themselves. I recommend this anime to anyone who likes Death Note which seems to be the high and mighty king of all anime (Don‘t believe me? Look at any best anime vote, Death Note is almost always at the top). But I wouldn’t dare oversell this show, it’s haters are fucking annoying! (and yes, I‘m talking to you Mr. Hater).

However I won’t recommend this show to people who want to watch a show for a relaxing time, or comedy (though it does have some funny parts). This show is serious to the core you won’t be relaxed watching this no to mention the ending that does nothing but make you watch the next series.

Alrighty, and to end my joke my R2 Review will not have code the ass in it since that joke is probably not funny anymore (if ever).

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.6/10 overall

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