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Jul 16, 2011

Bleach, a common liquid used to clean clothes and your toilet, but it’s also an anime series that has nothing to do with bleach!


Now what first started me on watching this series is a friend that kept goading me to watch it, surprisingly, I was hooked on the first season which happens about as much as death on this show. The story starts as such: main hero Ichigo Kurosaki can see ghosts because *spoiler tag* and eventually meets ghost—or soul reaper (shinigami before you get anal about the subbed name)—Bleach Girl 1, who as a soul reaper/shinigami is obligated to kill monsters known as hollows; A creature that lives on the consumption of creatures within it’s diet, which is ghosts and humans with a high “spiritual pressure” (which is just the name for the power level on this anime).

However, *spoiler tag* happens and now Ichigo gets all of Bleach Girl 1’s power and must do her job. Her “job” happens for all of season 1 which leads onto season 2 where the series takes an extreme left turn on plotvile and stays that way for pretty much the rest of the series besides the filler seasons that would seem to give you a break from everything, but eventually the plot doesn’t even explain when these filler seasons take place which annoys me like spilling bleach all over my laptop where I watch bleach! Though as for my opinion on the plot it has just about everything a good plot needs: “holy s***!” moments, humor, back story, and pasting (excluding the fillers); as well as everything a bad plot needs: annoying characters, boring parts, and repetitiveness.


It’s easy to say that the animation on Bleach is good being that it does it’s job at keeping your eye on the key point of action which makes up for it’s lack of background animations though they don’t really add much to the whole feel of the show.
Character animation shows just how many different sized breasts can be on one show, though don’t take that comment too seriously.


Bleach doesn’t really have a sound, it’s a f***ing liquid—oh the anime, yeah it sounds great, most animes don’t make me memorize their music but bleach does a good job at that so I think I might be as bold as to give it a 10...


One of the reasons that Bleach has existed for so long is because there are so many different kinds! (okay, I‘ll stop the bleach jokes) But connecting to what I just said, Bleach is a long series because of it’s obscene number of characters and every single one of these people have to be developed before the series ends, otherwise any sort of ending would seem empty and un-finished. What the series should be doing is devolving the charters instead of making new ones.
But because of the number you’re guaranteed to at least like one of them mine should be obvious *looking at my avatar* (used to have urahara) and a huge number of the characters are getting developed so I’ll give this a score of 8.


So let me sum up this anime for you; it is okay. Though it has many flaws (give or take every show in the history of television has flaws) this show has many memorable moments, and if you did what I did and skip the filler seasons, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to enjoy this series. 7.5/10

6/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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SilverDriverter Oct 28, 2015

Just saw the anime (excluding all fillers) and your review is perfectly the same description which I would give.

roriconfan May 7, 2012

It is a major problem to enjoy it even without the fillers.