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Hate your language today!


Alright, it’s my first blog, for some reason, I want to post it here even though I’m sure no one will read it, but if a blue moon appears the night I write this, and only one person reads this then it’ll be worthwhile.

The topic of this blog is to realize the truth about anime fans, most of us like it in it’s original language, the first recorded language for that show. Why is it that people like it in it’s subbed version? I’ve looked around and found every argument for subs:

First off, something weak, people in animes are from Japan, so they should speak Japanese (also generic weebo argument)! Alright, now something a little more reasonable, the anime is written in it’s first final draft—if that makes any sense—in other words, it isn’t changed around by English writers that want to RUIN the anime by re-writing it. Now, the most popular argument for subs; the voice actors are BETTER than the English ones.

Alright, I’m not even sure if I have every good argument there, but I think that about sums it up, I always see arguments for subs, but I don’t really see much for dubs—EVEN though there are good ones, one’s that I’ve come up with since I could only really find one argument for dubies (made-up terminology, yay me). It was about the reading.

So now with the dub arguments, the weakest one I found (AKA the only one I‘ve found) was around the lines of “I don‘t want to be focused on the text while I watch the show”. One that isn’t quite so weak is that the dubbing companies don’t suck at dubbing anymore! Yes, that’s right, these companies used to suck at their job, of course, this is because back in the 80’s and 90’s animes were made only for kids with few exceptions, when you re-write an adult show so that it is more suited for kids, you have to completely change all the words, and even remove some of the scenes. Another argument, saying that English voice actors are bad is very subjective (yes, I know the definition of subjective=opinion), but throwing my own argument at me, saying that is subjective and liking one over the other is purely your opinion, and me having a different opinion isn’t going to change yours most like; so therefore, my point is that if you’re trying to prove a point to someone else, don’t use the voice acting argument, it’s not going to win anyone over.

Course, there are many badly dubbed anime, (Most of those are old ones) so I’ve made a guide for spotting badly dubbed anime in case you care:

- If the beginning song is NOT in Japanese, the anime is most likely very different from it’s Subbed version
- If 4Kids is dubbing, and the anime is originally for adults…connect the dots, it’s probably badly dubbed
- If it’s dubbed by someone other than FUNimation, or VIZ then continue with caution
- If Johnny Yong Bosch is a voice actor in the anime, TRY IT!
- if the setting is someplace other than Japan, TRY IT! (I‘ve notice that if it doesn‘t take place in Japan, it’s generally dubbed pretty well)

Now here’s my opinion (I‘ve been objective the whole time I swear!): Maybe I have good luck with dubs, maybe I can’t tell the difference between bad voice acting and good voice acting, maybe I’m about to start insulting people. MAYBE, I’m going to actually make a point! I’ve only found one badly dubbed anime that I’ve liked (meaning there‘s an anime out there that I like, but is badly dubbed)!

This anime is Rave Master (Or if you‘re anal about titles, Groove Adventure Rave), you see, not only did the voice actors—in my opinion—suck as much as a 7360 dollar whore, but after comparing dub and sub there were big differences, and these were not small differences like “ZOMG! thyr cald sol Reaprs ‘stead of shanghais?!??!!!??!!” I’m talking about changing a perverted scene (and if the dubbers were smart, they would have removed it) into something innocent.

Alright, and if you’re reading this, then feel free to leave a comment and say how much of a retard I am or something, though I guaranty that you’ll be alone since you’re probably the only one reading this.

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yukicrossss avatar yukicrossss
Nov 21, 2011

Hey it's me, you know the STALKER (not funny :(  )

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