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Ummmm....Hi I love anime and manga, I've been to a con - it was dissapointing maybe you could tell me about some good ones???

Joined this site to keep track of and find new anime...

When Elmo says "Be my Friend?" say no!!! He'll eat you!!!

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xKyokox Jul 28, 2010

Hahaha I love your sig! huges from Colombia!

nilerbaby1098 Dec 28, 2007

more than just a mockery of anime-that show embodies everything that's wrong with the world lol. Ok it's not that bad but seriously..."oh I'm gonna beat you up using my magical cards!!" my friend tried to justify to me that yu-gi-oh was alright and I was just like "you're wrong!! clearly you've suffered massive brain damage some point in your life"

Random question-you said you're going to supanova next year. Is that in Brisbane or would you come down to Sydney?? Does Supanova go anywhere else besides Sydney?

nilerbaby1098 Dec 27, 2007

Mmmm....we'll I'd definetly would recommend The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzimiya. It works on two levels. One level is all philosophical and goes into the fabrication of reality, religion (loosely), the universe etc. And on the other level it's high school hijinks, girls "sexually harassing" (not really though) their friends (ok not normally funny but I think because this is how my friends in highschool acted it's funny), lots of cosplay and absurd humour.

If you're after something a little more serious I've just finished Le Chevalier D'eon. Which is brilliant. It combines historical drama, detective story, fantasty, romance, sword fights, magic and zombies into an epic story set in France before the French Revolution. It's never really too slow and the characters are all developed well and the art is beautiful.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is the more silly, hilarious side of Full Metal Panic? It's set mainly in the highschool and follows the two leads' lives. It has battle scenes and fights but it's so absurd, so over the top and so ridiculous that you can't help laughing out loud like you're the only one in the house. I've watched about 4-5 episodes of this and am planning on getting the box set of this for myself as a late X-Mas prezzie *squeal*

I love Perfect Blue. For any genre it's an excellent psychological thriller. It plays on the whole concept of the fluidity of idenity as well as the concept of celebrity in modern culture today. Furthermore for being about 10 yrs old it doesn't feel dated. So I'd recommend this one as well-if you end up liking this also watch Paranoia Agent. Same creator, same sort of themes but more mind warpingly weird.

The only time I've dropped a series was Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2020 but that was just cause I found it boring. I refure to watch Yu-Gi-Oh *don't care if that's not how it's spelt*. I watched

nilerbaby1098 Dec 26, 2007

that's true.

There has to be something to add to romance-to make it complicated/exciting/dangerous etc. Like in Ouran the fact that they think she's a boy to begin with and then find out she's a girl makes the whole "falling in love thing" hilarious to watch.

I haven't been drawn to any just romance anime yet *though I'm intrigued about Love Hina-just cause I keep hearing that I MUST watch it*

BTW *squeal* just found out they're bringing out the dvds for Hell Girl!! No longer will that anime be on my stalled list lol.

Are you watching anything atm which is a must see? Or anything which is truly horrid?? *always good to have any warnings lol*

nilerbaby1098 Dec 26, 2007

I got into anime around when I was 12. I went to visit my cousins in the Philippines and they introduced me to my first doses of anime: Digimon (Which for a 12 yr old was waaaaay cooler than Pokemon-at that point I just thought it was a cartoon, and Samurai X-which I was confused by).

Over the years I have developed a taste for anime that is either fantasy/supernatural based (Le Chevalier, Orphen, Cardcaptor) or more horror/thriller/drama based (Neon Genesis, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent etc). Also....big robots or killer andriods always indicate "kick ass anime" for me lol (i.e. Gundam Wing, Ghost In The Shell). Furthermore I tend  to be attracted to serious, angst ridden anime (maybe that says something about my personality lol) but I do love comedies. Never really got into romance animes (except Howl....but I consider that more fantasy based).