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Soul Eater

Dec 30, 2009


Ugh. I'll break this up into three parts.

THE BEGINNING: At the start, Soul Eater is a pretty fun show. It's funny, the characters are refreshing, it doesn't take itself too seriously (the main downfall of most of these types of shows), and I heartily enjoyed it. The main problem with this section, is that there wasn't really any plot. The plot took at least ten or so episodes to actually get going. That's just way too long, but considering the alternative, I would have prefered that the plot never got started. That leads me to...

THE MIDDLE: Shortly after the story actually starts (somewhere in the mid- to late-teen episodes), everything that I had enjoyed about Soul Eater stopped. The jokes, the light-hearted-ness, everything just ended in one of the most disappointing tonal shifts I've ever watched. It became a chore to watch, and I'm still not sure why I continued, because the majority of this show was an utter disappointment. Aside from the shift in tone, the story itself wasn't very good. I very rarely watch these types of shows, but even I could pick up on how generic the plot was. The same plot has shown up in oodles of video games I've played, where it was executed better (if a video game can tell a story better than an anime, that's never a good sign).

THE END: I've heard a lot of complaints about how Soul Eater wraps up, which I feel are perfectly justified. It was ridiculous and only made a marginal amount of sense. But from how I see it, the narrative already had gaping flaws, so I really didn't expect the ending to be much better. Actually, I sort of found the sheer ridiculousness of the ending kind of charming, and rife with unintentional humor, which is more than I can say about the majority of the show.


The animation style is what drew me to Soul Eater in the first place. It's this really stylish cartoony look that I adored, and made the series at least partway bearable. My favorite bits were the sun and the moon which managed to unnerve me and fill me with joy at the same time. My only gripe is with how the characters' noses are drawn in profile. It annoyed me up until the very last episode. But I suppose, everything considered, that's a very minor complaint.

As for character designs, they were mostly very creative and fitting for the character. One of the more minor characters looked just like Patty but with pink hair, though (the meister with the flamethrower-thing). It wasn't really a big deal when she was just a background character, but she eventually got lines and, you know, stuff to do that related to the plot.


I really liked the insert songs. They fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the show, and were really fun to listen to. I would probably download the OST, but it would probably just remind me of the show too much. The OPs and EDs were pretty good as well, but weren't switched up as often as I think they should have been, which caused them to lose their charm faster than necessary.


As a shounen show, Soul Eater's cast is made up mostly of fourteen(ish) year olds who are inexplicably powerful (and inexplicably busty). Fortunately, the characters were pretty likeable. For the most part. Unfortunately, the main exception to this is Maka, the main character and the one who gets the most screen time. She was much too whiny, and I really disliked the voice they hired for her. It was bearable when she was just talking, but whenever she screamed (which happened at least once per episode, without fail) I couldn't help but cringe.

Additionally, a couple of the "main" characters sort of got shafted. Tsubaki, and Patti and Liz Thompson (despite having temperaments or backgrounds that showed lots of promise) had very little presence, which was a shame.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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charvisioku Mar 28, 2013

Pretty good review - I liked this anime a lot but I actually shared quite a few of your complaints. I do think people fangasm over it a bit too much and there are plenty of flaws. The point about the ending is a good one; to be honest it infuriated me more than anything but I couldn't help but laugh.

**Spoiler**I shall wrap my fist in courage and girl-punch you into oblivion!!


Projectx2501 Jul 23, 2010

Nice and pretty acurate review, the anime is indeed a mish-mash in the end.And its nice to see your different than the idiots giving 8's and 9's, left to right.Who know maybe one day they'll make something like FMA-brotherhood, and follow the manga.

JAhU Jul 8, 2010

Soul Eater manga is better. While it still feels generic its less absurd than the anime. Also the story goes differently in the manga after the battle for brew (things get more interesting).

ThePatches Feb 19, 2010

I'd argue your videogame comment is a little harsh. Few things are as moving as Final Fantasy VI or VII. :P

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