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Oh, Requiem from the Darkness, you were at the top of my "Want to Watch" list for so long, building up my expectations, only to disapoint me later...

Everything about the series indicated that I would love it. Bizarre art style? Arc-based horror series? I have a very good track record with both. But Requiem from the Darkness was quite possibly the most disapointing thing I've watched thus far (probably because my expectations were high, but that's definitely not entirely the case). Though, it was chock-full of unintentional humor, due to some of the ridiculous gore/random demon-things.


The story got off to a miserable start, the first four episodes were the exact same story, just with different characters. The first time it was told, it was fairly predictable, the second time, I was confused as to why they were telling such a similar story, after that, it just became aggravating. Horror stories aren't suposed to be formulaic. Formulaic works for things like mahou shoujo. Formulaic doesn't work for horror. Most of the horror of anime is derived from the atmosphere and element of surprise (let's face it, animation isn't the scariest of mediums). After robbing itself of it's "creepy factor", it was forced to rely mainly on copious amounts of gore to maintain it's shock value.

Additionally, more than halfway through, it eshewed it's previously established episodic nature, and introduced continuity into the plot. Now, I'm not saying continuity is a bad thing- if it's present from the beginning, that is. But to completely switch the style of storytelling like that is rather undesirable and off-putting.

There was something very "off" about the series as well, something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Maybe the method of storytelling was sloppy, or the pacing was just wrong, but whatever it was detracted from the given score, as well.


Definitely not for everyone. I thought that it carried the show, but the friend who watched it with me thought it was too surreal and didn't do the story any favors. The extras/background characters had weird goblin or cube faces, which I assume was an attempt to save money/time masquerading as "stylization". I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it probably isn't good.


Norio Wakamoto was in it. Norio Wakamoto is my favorite seiyuu. Even my undying love for his voice couldn't bolster my appreciation of this series.

OP- Alright, but neither the OP nor ED really fit in with the mood of the show.

ED- Meh. My friend really liked it. I found the odd pronunciation mildly unsettling.


were of only nominal importance. Most of them had stupid motives.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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RyuSoma Nov 7, 2009

I understand the comments in the review, but I found the show to be entertaining.  I liked how it presented itself.  Granted it could have been better.  I was not a big fan of the ending, but the show's demonstration of ghost story telling format was a nice approach.  I think that Requiem from the Darkness focus on portraying weird and strang violent segments is what draws horror fans into it.  But I agree that it is not the most spectacular thing to see.  But I would recommend it.

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kenikki Nov 7, 2009

I've been a tad iffy about whether I should watch this or not. This review helped me push it off my "Want To Watch". Which is nice since there are so many titles in that list. So, thx.