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Haunted House

Nov 2, 2009


Sabato is a normal high school boy who tries to have a normal life, but his plans (all of which involve him trying to get a girlfriend) are repeatedly foiled by his morbid family. The first seven chapters followed a strict pattern- Sabato gets into some hijinks, flirts with a pretty girl, then gets angry as his family messes everything up somehow. Fairly silly fluff throughout, except for the last chapter, in which Sabato learns a valuable lesson (aww...). There were several pop culture references, which were rather odd, as they all seemed to be all American pop culture (Donnie Darko, &c.).


The heavy-handed use of black in the manga created an attractive and fittingly high-contrast look that nicely matched the gothic atmosphere. Unfortunately, by making so many things solid black, a lot of potential details were wasted (some of the sisters' gothic lolita-esque outfits could have been especially beautiful if they hadn't been solid blocks of color). The character designs were particularly attractive.


The characters were rather shallow. Sabato is a girl-crazy guy with a one-track mind, and his family (at least on the surface, which is the only part of them ever really touched upon) is hardly better.


I picked up this manga because the tags said it was a horror/comedy, which I can't resist. Unfortunately, there weren't really any horrific elements, unless of course you qualify Burton-esque gothic/atmospheric things as horror. I don't.

Someone who was actually looking for a bit of light comedy with a gothic look and a heartwarming ending would doubtless enjoy this more than I did.

5/10 story
7/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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