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Keep on Vibrating

Keep on Vibrating is an anthology of seven short stories. Really bizarre and graphic short stories, that are actually fairly funny. ("You're a zombie! How can you eat ramen after I killed you?!")


Keep on Vibrating centers around a naked man (who I believe is a calligraphy artist), the yakuza, and a few other characters (also usually naked), whose paths intertwine. It had a strange, humorous tone which clashed with the subject matter in an interesting way. This was my favorite.

Morning Glory was pretty forgettable.

Land of the Sacred Spirits didn't have any sex scenes, but had enough graphic violence to make up for it in terms of shock value. The ending to this one was rather interesting.

Sanpol and Krezol and The Cat Ritual detail the misadventures of two small children in gasmasks with a penchant for watching young women in hopeless social/financial situations have sex. These win as the strangest of the lot, as the deranged make-believe fantasies of the children play out across the pages.

Give and Take was the most dissapointing of the lot, as many of the story's dangling threads didn't even try to wrap themselves up in a fulfilling manner (in my opinion, at least). The gasmask children also factored heavily into this story for no apparent reason.

Hardboiled Sakata was odd in that it didn't fit the tone of the rest of the stories. It was paced slower and was set almost exclusively in one small room. The ending felt vastly different from the rest, as it wasn't entirely depressing.


The sketchy style of these stories is aesthetically pleasing, though varies greatly in quality. Morning Glory, for instance, was much less detailed than the others (especially in the backgrounds and face of the main character), while the close-ups and settings in Hardboiled Sakura were gorgeously ornate.


Since they were in a series of short stories (all less than thirty pages long), the characters were understandably and expectedly under-developed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the focus is supposed to be on the story. The only recurring characters were the gasmask children, who had a cheerfully disturbing outlook on their lives.


It is much easier to praise this manga than to enjoy it.

If you're searching for smut that borders on the grotesque, this is a perfect candidate. Or if you're overly fond of really odd things, like I am. Overall, I enjoyed reading this, but I doubt I'd recommend it to anyone I know, because then they'd think I was a crazy sex pervert, which is far from ideal (I'm good enough at making people think I'm eccentric without any help, thank you). The sex never felt like it was supposed to arouse the reader, though, as most of it was either disturbing or ridiculous. Give and Take and Morning Glory brought the overall score down.

7/10 story
8/10 art
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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deideiblueeyez says...

Yeah this one was weird. Keep on Vibrating was... what the heck? And Sanpol and Krezol + The Cat Ritual confused me greatly. I didn't know what was really happening and what was fantasy. I like a little doubt when that happens, like, "Maybe this actually was a fantasy.. who knows?" But this really mad me doubt what I was reading, which I hate :/

May 28, 2012
SadisticTendencies says...

Ah, I see you've done reviews for obscure Manga! This is going to be rather helpful when I look for new stuff to read^^

Great review!

Sep 6, 2011