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Hanamaru Youchien

Apr 19, 2010

Hot damn, it's a slice-of-life that isn't about teenagers!

Unfortunately, it still couldn't manage to avoid many of the clichés that plague high-school shows: cheesy drama, the obligatory fanservice episode, and (worst of all) the romance between painfully-awkward-boy and unrealistically-dense-girl. Despite these shortcomings, Hanamaru Kindergarden was a pretty cute show, and really funny when it was focusing on comedy (which, thankfully, was most of the time). The middle three/four episodes were pretty weak (Tsuchi's sister is hella obnoxious), but it managed to bounce back to the humor and imagination displayed in it's earlier episodes, which is something most series cannot do once they start going downhill.

If you want a cute, light slice-of-life that is a bit different from the standard fare, this is a nice choice.

?/10 story
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6.5/10 overall
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