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If I Ran Anime-Planet...

14 AUG

...this is what the synopses would look like. I may add more later.

Code Geass- Angsty, noodle-limbed protagonist with pinkeye plays chess with giant robots to protect creepy sister.

Death Note- Girly men try to outsmart each other by eating potato chips. Everyone dies.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Fucked-up kids pilot their mothers to prevent space aliens from blowing up Antarctica again.

K-ON!- Pointless cute girls do pointless cute things.

Hidamari Sketch- Slightly different pointless cute girls do slightly different pointless cute things.

Fruits Basket- Selfless girl is into beastiality.

Maria Holic- Most obnoxious protagonist ever does obnoxious things and steals screentime from God.

Kino's Journey- A crossdresser and a magical bike talk about doing things but don't.

Spirited Away- Miyazaki got his hands on acid.

Hetalia: Axis Powers- Pretty gay boys have a fetish about acting out world wars.

Oh! Edo Rocket- Boy builds fireworks that can reach the moon. Also there are space monsters and maid cafes.


UnculturedWhitey avatar UnculturedWhitey
Sep 22, 2013

I approve and would love to subscribe to your newsletter.

Airotia avatar Airotia
Nov 25, 2011

I loved the list!

... Furuba was particularly truthful... xD

"steals screentime from God" also made me laugh. Haha.

Chelsae avatar Chelsae
Jun 1, 2011

"Pretty gay boys have a fetish about acting out world wars."

I laughed so much! These are hillarious!

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies
May 4, 2011

You should contact Sothis regarding this! i'm sure she'd change A-P with your preferences in thought. The 'Fruits Basket' thing, in particular, was hilarious!

musicaficta avatar musicaficta
Oct 13, 2010


How about Fullmetal Alchemist:  Brothers do an iincredibly stupid thing, run around doing slightly less stupid things, and never find a way to solve their problem.

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