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I adore these characters


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magnux7 Feb 15, 2014

Yeah, he really isn't that bad :) I'm not asking you to start liking him, that would be too much i guess, but I would be happy if you considered to not dislike him atleast^^ I think it's sad when people give him a dislike without even watching the good side of him :/  

magnux7 Feb 2, 2014

Ahh I see, I know exactly how you feel! Because I was just like you lol, I hated/disliked him after watchig railgun, and I thought he was just a big douch bag xD But then I watched Toaru majutsu no Index (the main series) and i completely changed my mind about him ;o He has a lot more screen time in Index, atleast in season 2, and you get to see a different side of him :) Of course he is cruel and shallow in the beginning, but he undoubtly changes after his Loss against Touma. He starts to remember that he actually didn't want to harm people at all. He just got dragged really deep into the darkness and lost his mind to say it easily. After this, he actually saves Last Order (Misaka clone 20001) and protects her, he starts to pay back for all of his sins. At the end of season 2, he helps Touma (without actually knowing) and saves last AGAIN lol! Don't get me wrong though, he still is evil at times, but this time he is doing most of it just to protect Last Order, which makes him look cool IMO :) He really changes a lot, so I recommend you watch the Index series too, maybe you will see him in a different light after this, just as I did ^.^ This is also probably why so much people love him, he even surpasses Kamijou Touma in fanbase lol :D

magnux7 Jan 14, 2014

Why do you hate Accelerator? :c He's sooo cool