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Hello and welcome to my profile page! (*´∀`)ノ

I hail from the land of beer, waffles and chocolate, but my roots are in China. Don't ask me to speak Chinese though, because I can't and it's quite an embarrassing thing to admit. I'm learning though! So maybe in a few years...
There isn't really any specific genre of anime or manga that I like more than others, but I have to say that I don't like anything that has copious amounts of ecchi in it. While the odd pantyshot here and there is tolerable, if your show relies on gagboobs and exposed underwear to work, I'll make sure to slowly back away.

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somestupidstuff says...

Thank you an np :)

May 4, 2015
thecrimsonclaw says...

Yes Digimon Tri is apparently delayed until Summer. It's unfortunate.

And I'm not joking, I'm just dumb as shit. I assumed it was related to the Monogatari series because of the title. How silly of me. That sounds like it could be kind of fun.

We've been getting a lot of "Attack on Titan" clones recently. I guess people realised the tragedy apocalypse concept sells well. I never saw why everyone loved it so much to be honest. It's a great Anime, but there are much better and more tragic shows out there.

I think I'll watch "Shokugeki no Soma" then. It seems like it'll be fun. Maybe I'll go read the Manga and see how it compares.

For now though, I'm watching some retro titles because I feel old school. Plus the retro stuff was always great =P

Apr 26, 2015
thecrimsonclaw says...

Ahhh. "Kekkai Sensen" (BBB) looks pretty decent. The only reason I really want to watch it though is because it was made by the guy who did "Trigun", meaning I will most definitely watch it. It looks like some brainless fun, which is always fine so long as it doesn't try to be more than what it is. "Ore Monogatari"... Well... I've only seen "Bakemonogatari" and I'm not sure if I even need to watch the rest of the Monogatari franchise to understand each season so... Bleh. Been holding off on watching all of those. Although Bakemono was good.

"Shokuheki no Soma" looks fun. But I can see it getting really old after a while. There's only so much you can do with "food porn" before it gets old and repetitive. Unless there's more to it than that later on? I'll give it a watch anyway for the lols.

I'm very sad to hear that about "Plastic Memories" since I was hoping for another "Chobits"! D= Goddammit modern Anime! I expected too much of you! I'll still be watching it probably when it's done.

"Punch Line" is pretty? I'll look into it =P

"Mikagura School Suite" sounds like school life so... Unlikely. Although depending on the actual content I can enjoy school life.

"Owari no Seraph" will definitely be getting watched, even if it's just another clone of "Attack on Titan". I think I can switch my brain off for 12 episodes and have a blast with it.

"Gunslinger Stratos" is most definitely going to suck. Because it was directed by Gen Urobuchi and everything he writes is terrible (Except "Psycho Pass". That was pretty good).

"Arslan Senki" will be good for one reason... It's based on the novels of the same name. Which were written by the guy who wrote "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" which is probably one of the most amazing Anime series ever made. I'm not sure if his writing is as amazing with "Arslan Senki" but lets hope so.

Despite my bashing, I will probably finish "Hibike! Euphonium". I never really drop any shows no matter how bad I find them, as I believe everything can improve over time, even at the end. I was never too keen on "Rage of Bahamut: Genesis" for example, then episode 9 happened and I was suddenly reduced to tears and realised I actually loved the series and its characters, and ended up giving it 5th place in my top 10 Anime of 2014.

And "Digimon Tri" is apparently delayed til Summer now. Sad times.

This year in general has been a huge disappointment for me in regards to Anime. The only really amazing things I've watched this year (that weren't a continuation from last year) are the currently airing season of Stardust Crusaders and "Gundam: The Origin". I hope Summer improves this D=

Apr 23, 2015
pr0gr3ss1v3r says...

Thank you, and sorry for the late respond..I've just started using anime-planet more actively. :)

Apr 20, 2015
thecrimsonclaw says...

Yeah they have been actually. They probably have the most consistency when it comes to making quality shows and "Hunter x Hunter" is by far the closest thing to a masterpiece we'll ever get in Anime (at least I think so), shame Togashi won't be coming back from playing Dragon Quest and taking care of his kids and back any time soon. I also considered "Parasyte" to be the best show of 2014, and so far the best of 2015... I have a feeling it'll stay that way unless something amazing pops up out of nowhere. "Death Parade" was... Okay? I expected more to be honest, and felt like everything was overdramatic for the sake of being overdramatic. I think a lot of people just loved it because it had a cool opening, and because it was amazing compared to the rest of the things that were out that season. Well, aside from Jojo and Gundam: The Origin, which were probably the best things that season. Winter was bad imo... And oh yes! "One Punch Man" sounds like it'll be amazing. I haven't read the Manga or the original Web Comic, so I don't know much about it, but it sounds like it'll be great!

Yeah I agree there. Not much point in fussing about whether or not we think they make amazing shows or not haha =P

What have you been watching lately? Do you know any currently airing shows that are okay to watch weekly? (Just curious as I'm rewatching "Hunter x Hunter" again, as there's literally nothing that interests me this season, and anything that does, doesn't seem like I could watch it weekly, cause weekly pacing is hard for me ;_;).

Apr 19, 2015