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Hello, welcome to my profile page! (*´∀`)ノ

I hail from the land of beer, waffles and chocolate, but my roots are in China. Don't ask me to speak Chinese though, because I can't and it's quite an embarrassing thing to admit. I'm learning though! So maybe in a few years...
There isn't really any specific genre of anime or manga that I like more than others, but I have to say that I don't like anything that has copious amounts of ecchi in it. While the odd pantyshot here and there is tolerable, if your show relies on gagboobs and exposed underwear to work, I'll make sure to slowly back away.

Reading is another hobby of mine, but it seems that time is becoming quite the issue, so I find myself not being able to read as much as I'd like. But if you have read any good books lately, be sure to recommend them to me (-‿‿-)

Don't trust my ratings too much, they're quite inconsistent. I try to be as neutral as possible, but that doesn't always work out. Sometimes my personal enjoyment has a bigger part in the rating, other times I try to take a more objective approach. Even if I hated a series , if the technical aspects (like animation or sound) are quite good, it gets a slightly higher score. But sometimes an anime makes me despise it so much that it gets a low score despite its pretty animation or music (I'm looking at you Vampire Knight). There isn't really much difference between a 4.5 star and a 5 star, except that shows with full marks touched my very being in some way or another. Or were just plain awesome. So yeah... My scoring is always pretty subjective...

If you'd like, you could also check out our forum. It's really where our lovely community comes together and where we have meaningful discussions. Or not. Mostly not... We're pretty silly at times. ( ◡‿◡ *) You can do a lot of cool stuff like:

- Introduce yourself to us!

- Discuss your favourite anime or manga

- Talk about all things anime or manga in general

- Talk about other stuff you like

- Join a club

At the moment the site account and forum account are still separated, so you'll hav to make a new one if you want to join us on the forum. Choosing the same username is the easiest for yourself and other members as well. The two accounts will soon be merged though.

Last anime watched: Hamatora
Last book read: Our Happy Time - Ji-Young Gong
Reading: A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin
Current Fangirl Anime Obsession: Free! Eternal Summer (Damn, Sousuke's got some nice eyes)

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Bessie avatar Bessie


Sep 4, 2009

Hiiii! ^________^ You're back :D I'm a fool, I forgot that you've said you'd gone >___> So how was your trip? ;)

I'm pretty fine, study since 2nd of Sept.. I'm upset with all these subjects, new teachers, exams twice a year and 21 boys in my group against 9 girls (including me ^^) xD But I can't even remember (no, I really don't KNOW) all the names..

Heh, I'm so happy that you're here now ^^

Bessie avatar Bessie


Sep 1, 2009

Heeeey, where are you? T___T

stylomagix avatar stylomagix


Aug 26, 2009

Hey, how do you do? Great Profile. =) Let's be friends. ^^

Oh man, i sound like a dweeb.

funtoo2 avatar funtoo2

Tell Me About Yourself!

Aug 21, 2009

omfg! 14-15 subjects!! is that seriously throughout that whole school year? i have a choice of which language i want to take, which is latin. and i'm required to take english. but omfg! i've only got 5 subjects a day - latin, math (algebra 2), science (biology 1), english, and world studies. then i have orchrestra, drawing and painting, soccer, and a bunch of study halls. and then in 10th-12th, you can select more languages if you want, and have drawing and painting, ceramics, or photograph as a major instead of a minor. 

Bessie avatar Bessie

Thanks! ^_^

Aug 11, 2009

Thanks ^^ No, I believed in myself, but It sucks that my best friend stays at school.. If we both were at colleges (even in different).. But there're a cinema near my college and my another friend lives near xD

Oh, I'm so jealous for Americans, who study only 5-7 subjects ^^

No, I like how L looks like, he's cute, but.. But Light's clever than L anyway xD And he's a kind of similar to me (it doesn't mean that I'm a killer though!)

LOL, Ok, maybe my English is not that bad but It's not exellent, isn't it? But I try to learn it anywhere and enytime.. I read books at English, manga.. I have lots of not-only-grammar books.. Even when I sleep I dream at English (that sucks, trust me, 'cause those dreams are sooo slow 'cause I try to find the right words xDDDD)


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