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Hello and welcome to my profile page! (*´∀`)ノ

I hail from the land of beer, waffles and chocolate, but my roots are in China. Don't ask me to speak Chinese though, because I can't and it's quite an embarrassing thing to admit. I'm learning though! So maybe in a few years...
There isn't really any specific genre of anime or manga that I like more than others, but I have to say that I don't like anything that has copious amounts of ecchi in it. While the odd pantyshot here and there is tolerable, if your show relies on gagboobs and exposed underwear to work, I'll make sure to slowly back away.

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tamedwolf1 says...

While I agree with you that we all have our own opinions of what is funny and what is not. You cannot classify something within a certain category only for it to actually belong in a completely opposite category.

Like I said, that review was purely out of immense disappointment and I probably shouldn't have even submitted it. 

But where I do disagree with you is on your point on of "a lot of people don't find The Big Bang Theory or Friends that funny either". Without wasting your time and making this into a massive, pointless debate... let me put it to you this way, if you were to question everyone who watched one of those two shows, the majority of them (more than 66%) would tell you it was funny. I'd be so arrogant as to say more than 80% would say it was funny. Otherwise, those shows would not have done as well as they have or be considered successful.

And like I said in that outburst of mine, the part that aggravated me the most was that the majority of voters thought that those 2 series were actually good, when i truly believe they were not.

Sorry again, I have a bad habit of rambling and is one of the reasons I avoid these things as much as possible.

Jun 5, 2015
Shiruby says...

Hi! oh, thanks! I will check it out  and OMG!!

I did it and read the first 16 pages...

what did I find , I had read the manga before    lol

Silly me o.o

I guess reading so many manga, makes hard to

remember all characters. > o <

Thanks for the reminder~ 

And about the header its official calender art . If Im correct..

Tokyo Ghoul 2015 Special Illustration Calendar

 as for character, its Touka Kirishima


May 31, 2015
GinTheGrin says...

Oh, hey, Ailly! Please, don't apologize. In fact, I like late replies. At least you didn't forget to reply at all, which is pretty great. :D

Yes, I'm doing fine. And in case you haven't noticed, I'm currently in Canada. What about you? Are you having exams these days?

It's totally cute and stuff! Well, of course it's cute, it's from anime where everything is cute and kawaii. But what I'm more worried about is the stuff part. XD I watched that video, and it looks pretty weird to me. Why are naked people hugging everyday objects like that? I hope that anime is not meant for kids. :D

May 30, 2015
Ritwick says...

Thanks for the welcome

May 22, 2015
GinTheGrin says...

Hi, Ailly! How are you? Do you remember me? We haven't talked in a long while! So, what have you been up to? ^_^

Oh, and by the way, great header picture! That is so like you. Haha! Where do you find such images? :D

May 14, 2015