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My name is Aiko Flores Matsubara, i'm half mexican half japanese, i live in mexico city, i'm 15 years old, i'm in first year of high school, i like anime, japanese music and dancing ballet, i've danced for 10 years.

I also like going out with my friends and family and making friends, i consider myself a kind person, i can get along with anyone, but i really dislike hipocrecy and lies and can't stand injustice and rudeness, i sometimes like to say silly remarks or make names to people but in a good way, i think i can be a funny person sometimes also a little silly and weird ahaha

well i guess that's enough, hope to make new friends here.



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Cfos Jul 29, 2008

Hi there!

You've got some good anime in your top 5 ('kay I don't like Death Note, but the others...)

After I watched through your Watched list, I was amazed 'cuz we seem to like the same anme...

Furthermore your avatar is amazing (Kyou moe!!^^)

May I recommend Shakugan no Shana or ef ~ a Tale of memories to you, I think the'll suit your taste.

Best regards

Antoniisenpai Jul 21, 2008

Heya I added you! Im also going to add you to my friends list on here! ^^

vulcan1212 Jul 20, 2008

Haha thanks... I haven't been on much lately because of military crap.... But I'll be back in 6 days and you'll see me on alot more! lol

Antoniisenpai Jul 17, 2008

Ballet eh, that sounds pretty cool! I do karate and kendo myself. Almost a blue belt in karate and well there arn't really any blets in kendo ^^ But yeah I do about the same stuff, hang out in msn, play computer games, listen to jpop/jrock, and just enjoy life :P