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Elfen Lied

Dec 23, 2012

Anime-Planet Secret Santa Anime Review 

Elfen Lied

 Spoiler Free :D sort of, read at your own discretion. 


      The downside of watching an anime considered to be one of the bests, is that the more people rave about the show the higher your expectations become. To sum up Elfen lied's story in a couple of words I would have to say blood, tits, romance with harem undertones, angst and tits. Did I mention fucking tits? 

     I loved the first scene of Elfen Lied, with it's grutesque violence and that's one thing that the show keeps consistent; it's use of gore in order to provide shock value. The gore in Elfen Lied was one of the things that enjoyed the most it made the series strangely complelling to watch. Then they decided to be like, engrossed in all this gore? let me just add some tits into the equation tada! Don't get the wrong idea I don't dislike nudity in anime but it just doesn't make sense in the context for me. Why do all the test subjects have to have to be completely naked all the time? And why do the creators feel that everytime the mood becomes dark and solemn they need to provide fans with some fanservice? Perhaps some people may argue that the nudity adds to the mood but I just can't see it. 

     It felt like the show didn't know what it was supposed to be...a dark anime? a comedy harem? The lack of clear direction hurt the story a lot for me. I also found that behind all the gore and nudity the plot was still lacking and was predictable. 

     For me the plot was very forgettable...although I did enjoy the whole concept of the Diclonius and keeping them captive especially in the case of Lucy. I also found the extent of human cruelty shown in the show to be interesting. It emphasizes the theory of fundamental evil. Some people say they were so cruel it's unrealistic but for me this argument doesn't hold much weight because the cruelty potrayed in Elfen Lied is something that exists in the world today and something that will continue to exist, even if we turn a blind eye to it. Anyway, a lack of clear direction, as well as an excess of unecessary nudity is what holds this show's story back. And the story wasn't that memorable to begin with.


      Not much to say here, for it's time the animation is very crisp and the gory scenes throughout the show were done perfectly. It was excessively violent and bloody to the point it became unrealistic and I loved it <3



Lilium, one of the most haunting yet beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life. This song made this series. Strangely entracing and I just can't get enough of it. It seems I have to listen to it at least once a day. 

The rest of the OST, had similar vibes and I definately enjoyed the entirety of this series' soundtrack. 

The seiyuu were also great, especially for Kouta and Lucy. They conveyed the emotions of their characters extremely well and added a sense of realism to them.


      nyuu! out of 10

Joking aside even though I had issues with the plot I still enjoyed some of the characters namely Lucy, and Nyuu. Arguably the same person but both characters added a lot to the series. Giving an innocent side to someone who has killed hundreds if not thousands adds alot of depth to the character. Lucy also felt very "real" to me in terms of her reactions and her sentiments.

Unfortunately I hated the rest of the characters and I felt they were all 2-D especially Kouta who was one of the most plain boring protagonists I have ever seen. 

That being said I liked lucy/nyuu enough that I still give the characters a 7/10


      An anime that had so much potential but ended up falling flat on it's face. Compelling at first, but a lack of direction including things like excessive nudity and the rather paper thin plot really holds the show back. However the amazing soundtrack, Lucy and the well executed gore scenes make me still consider this anime a good one; fully deserving of a 7/10

5/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Tolle Jan 6, 2013

Interesting! I'm glad you liked my recommendation - I was surprised to see you hadn't seen it yet, but I guess you had your reasons.I completely and fully agree with "Lilium". Unfortunately, for me, it was beautiful piece of music tilting a bit more towards sad than what I can manage.However, I do not agree with your point on "fan service". Fan service refers to stimulating of the audience, not just nudity or whatever the case may be. In this case, I think you are missing the point [warning: mild spoilers]: we are talking about a Diclonius - a being very near it's natural roots. With this follows a need to mate, to survive, and an oblivious relationship to modesty. I'd like to turn it around: how does it make any sense for them to have clothes on? They might look human, but as we know, they can be beasts and will brutally murder anything in their path if they so desire. To sum up, I don't see it as fan service at all, but as a necessity and a symbolic value of the show.Apart from that, I can agree with a lot you saying throughout your review. And lastly: thanks - it was fun reading :)- Tolle, your Secret Santa