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Osiummaster says...

Yo homie if you so salty that u gotta spoil shit u mite wanna see a therapist. Also don't forget 2 revisit my review I updated it especially 4 u to explain why its even shittier than I thought.

Mar 20, 2015
Osiummaster says...

Actually it was a reference to him missing the deciding goal in the finals of the soccer tournament, as well as him not being able to nut his hoe with his balls, which in term makes it a pretty funny metaphor.

Sometimes you just too stupid and all the shit flyin over yo head.


Feb 23, 2015
Osiummaster says...

Go ahead homeboy aint nobody stoppin you to write a review about how much u hate death note. I'm just stating the pretty much fact that the music in your shitty music anime is really shitty, and as a musician myself I seem to have quite a bit more knowledge than you becase you dont seem to know jack about how all that shit works.

Feb 23, 2015
Osiummaster says...

It's like you went to the bottom of this review to leave your shitty hate comment including  comments on the animes I watched without even reading the review ittself rofl.


There you go man, maybe next time you compare a music anime to a slice of life/romance keep it to the musical ones like fucking Guess which one did actually make it into my top 10? Yeah that's right, the good ones.

Now begone king of moe plebs, for you have yet to understand what story actually means.

Feb 23, 2015
KiraRin says...

Hi, and thanks for your comment on my HOTD review!


I would however like to point out that Mr KiraRin is actually Miss KiraRin ;P





Feb 17, 2011