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Fall anime watching list

This is great season as I thought, I picked more anime series than usual, cause there was a lot to choose from. I need to catch up with [b]Chuunibyou[/b] soon but for now I have other thinghs to do (of course I could find enough time but laziness is limitless) I have also added the remaining series from summer season that interested me. [b]Muv-luv[/b] is medicore but still as mecha fan I watch it and hope for it to get better. [b]Sword Art Online[/b] is different story cause it is extraordinarly intresting and I await with anticipation every episode. About the Fall season, the anime that caught my interest the most is [b]Shin Sekai Yori[/b] (From the new world) for the society and world that is shown. Still I can't gie it high note for its shortcomings but some episodes were really intense, and mystery fogs the whole world there, that makes it so much more interesting. The next one is [b]Psycho-Pass[/b] even though it (in my opinion) haven't shown of its really good values, but I have high hopes regarding this one and it may turn out pretty well, for the characters are entertaining (it really gave out feel of the world from far away and that people think totally different than us) and soon it will probably be really good [b]K[/b] is ridicioulus but still because of visuals and humour I enjoy it and it stays high, it is not the best one out there but I am definetly going to watch whole series cause I am 100% certain it won't let me down. One more thing, music here keeps it high as well, cause of visual and audio it is so high, and plot may be good later. [b]Code Breaker[/b], actually I thought it will be better than this, I expected it to be one of the best I will watch in this season but too bad, I don't like characters so much but still the series is quite bit entertaining. [b]Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun[/b] school anime are really not my style but from time to time they are good change, especially that I don't watch something like that often and it have interesting tweaks (I wish I would be so honest sometimes as main charas) [b]Zetsuen no Tempest[/b]: It is action anime with magic, characters didn't really stir my interest but the anime is alright, hopefully it will get etter but I can't count on this one to be a good anime, it will probably end as medicore. [b]Btoom![/b] well, this one is let down, in the beggining of the series I thought this might be nice! But now I watch it still (and probably will watch it till end) without getting excited by anything there, it is not having anything that would make it stand out, I am afraid that it will be getting even worser and I will drop it, hopefully they will make something interesting there (but still little hope) Edit. I Forgotten about Jormungand, and Perfect order is getting better than first season, this show is really rocks I position it on same level as Shin Sekai Yori but probably Jormungand will be better


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