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bunnyfingers Feb 19, 2008

Thanks for the rec.  I've been looking into watching it for some time now, I'll definitely watch it now.  I love longer series too, because quite frankly, if it's good I never want it to end!  InuYasha needs to continue in my opinion once the manga is done.  :D

So you used to live in Canada eh?  What's Serbia like?  Are you adjusting well?  Have you picked up on the language any better?

wolfangel87 Feb 19, 2008

Well the forums are the best place to get to know people!

wolfangel87 Feb 15, 2008

Nice to see you in the forums!!!!

bunnyfingers Feb 6, 2008

Hey!  Welcome to anime-planet!  You've only seen InuYasha and Blood+?  I haven't seen Blood+ yet, but I'm getting it from a friend so I can watch it.  I hear it's good, what do you think?  I love InuYasha too... sometimes the anime was weak, particularly near the end, but I will always love InuYasha just because it's what got me into anime (that's why Kirara is my avatar!).  You should fill out the rest of your profile, like your top 5, bio, etc.  It helps other users make suggestions on what to watch/get suggestions on what to watch next.  I'd make a suggestion, but I can't just make an opinion on InuYasha.  :P  What kinds of anime do you like?