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I watch anime.

I play OpenTTD and Bridge Construction Set, among other come-and-go games.

I program in C++, C#, and Java (Hobby-wise).

I work on cars, in hell, everyday, for money (That disappears on its own).

I work on cars, on the weekend, for pocket money and the fame.

I dream of working on my own car - But I'm too tired and anime is better anyway.

I want to know everything - So if you know something, tell me. I'm interested.

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OneiChan Aug 23, 2007

Oohh! I know something! You write great recommendations... Oh, and I know something is wrong with my car. What I don't know is what it is. That is where you tell me something you know :p Hehehehe.

I also don't know what OpenTTD is. But to trump that, I know that you have seen some great anime and I found your page on the random users and didn't want to stop here without saying anything ^_^