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Fall 2011


I plan to watch most if not all the new Fall 2011 Anime. So far the gems I've found which I do recommend are Mirai Nikki which I'd describe as a cross between Death Note and Vampire Knight, DN for the Plotline and VK because the stylisation and action I think is very similar.

I also am watching Bakuman it's not as interesting as Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), probably because Mirai Nikki has a faster pace and you have to really be interested in any statistical terms used in Bakuman, seeing it was the second season though I did a catch up on the first so I am into it, I would recommend at least watching the first series first otherwise you wont understand anything about it. Also something which annoys me is that when people wear their glasses the side of the glasses are cut off for some odd unexplained reason, most probably the animator was lazy and also for another unexplained occurance they shut their one eye on occasion, not in the typical winking fashion, just closing their eyes like they have Pink eye or some other illness.

Ben-To I also started watching, which is a fun and crazy. It's kind of a nonsensical Anime, in the reason you know why they want to buy these half priced Ben-To, because who doesn't like haircuts on products they buy, but you have no idea why they're fighting for it. Makes you wonder sometimes if its that important to get the discount.

Those are the 3 series I've picked up so far, the only series I disliked was Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai, It just seems so unoriginal to me, the kid with the different hair color who is the outcast but then finds friends, sounds like when I saw Detective Loki, I found myself saying aren't I already watching Detective Conan (Case Closed) which is a kid solving mysteries after being shrunk down to a human child. So I gave up on it after an episode. I've been told though by a friend that I should check ot Fairy Tail which takes a few episodes to get into, which Anime doesn't. So maybe I'll watch that instead.

End Scene :P


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