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I know you smoked Natalie Portman so this one's for you but in go good greed by my yeah by to good it the from Sony Studios in Los Angeles California good for there the on Yahoo minutes can I tell you this is an exciting shelf me going to be a good show you know all week long we have been celebrating mom's not just a week and today I am so excited because we want to honor the great gift of adoption today yes with both the birth mothers who give life to others and the Safer Colon special Mother's who adopt and talk about the unbreakable on our show today we have from the knot’s landing star donna mills is going to join us today the go got to yeah also adoptee and comedian Tommy Davidson the bloody had the on good well-protected I had no idea Tommy was an adopted childyeah you know what else I thought this is shocking to me in doing the research for the show here in the United States there are almost 220,000 children waiting to be adopted right now and forever and for every child there are 56 parents waiting to adopt make that shot is me now like I said it’s Mother's Day Week honor shell and some of you may know that I have adopted children and I always say I can't remember which ones I love that line alone yeah but I am so excited about the show like I said because we won on a the birth mothers who decided to give their babies up and give them the best possible life that...

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