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Fractale Episode 1

28 FEB

The intro is intriguing and totally surreal.  I'm not entirely sure what the data doppels (doppelgangers?) are supposed to be, but the fact that they're raising a human child is worth note.  I'm already asking about how the society is formed and how people get along in a world made mostly of artificial, data-created creatures.

It would seem that they are doppels of Clain's human parents, but whether these parents are alive is unknown (to me at least).  We learn this after a woman on a strange flying object evades three unintelligent henchmen, and, after leaping from the contraption (the line "I thought she could fly" is a good one), she ends up with several scrapes.  Clain takes her home and protects her from continued pursuit.  The girl sees a video of him as a toddler and insists that she wants to see that same smile from him again (we've seen something similar so many times).

The girl then leaves him with a data charm, which he unravels.  Another girl appears.  The episode ends.

Plot and character-wise, this anime has little to show for itself so far.  It has the typical boy-meets-girl-form-another-world feel to it that I've grown to despise since Eureka Seven, but the fact that the boy's world still remains mysterious and intriguing to me is new.  I want to see how this supposed boring utopia came about.  I'm also curious as to how "everyone just does what they want" is sustainable and why it does seem to make Clain (and perhaps no one else) so angry.

I'm additionally apprehensive of the new redheaded girl.  What the Hell is she supposed to do?  She just sits there grinning like a dog with faulty lip muscles.

Music and introduction/outro scenes are about as interesting the dirt parts of a Dali painting, but there are some Celtic influences which seem to inspire the setting, and this peaks my interest.

I'll watch Episode 2 of this one.

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