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What?! No anime ratings?

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Kari5 Dec 2, 2009

Happy Birthday! ^-^ 

jonizxzxzx Jan 13, 2009

y drop dragonaut the resonance????o.O?its coool

sothis Oct 10, 2007

So hey, any way I can convince you to make recs? As someone who has seen so much, it would be a biiiiiiiig help to all of the users on here. ^_^ I just updated the sign up FAQ to be way easier to understand (or here, in case you have already activated), so it should be a fairly painless process.

Please consider it! I'd be happy forever :D

woofwarf123 Sep 26, 2007

Whoaa!! you're an amazing otaku!!!

Lolo Aug 16, 2007

Hello and welcome to Anime Planet! I am pretty new here as well and I'm sure you will enjoy the site! If you want to chat I'm here! :) - the marvelous captain lolo