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Some of my fav anime include Mai-Hime, Mai Otome, Ranma 1/2, Kannazuki No Miko, Maria-sama Ga Miteru, Simoun, Azamanga Daioh, Claymore, Utena & others.

Are there any other anime fans over 40 or am I the only one?!

My anime media site, includes videos, pics, music-

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candydiver Feb 15, 2008

Someone who likes Simoun, Marimite & Haibane Renmei. <3 I wish there'd be a top 10 list instead of 5. I would include those, too.

Aeon65 Feb 12, 2008

Last night finished Serial Experiments Lain. Surprised that the anime is now 10 yrs old, took me a while to get around to seeing it.  Pretty interesting, tho I liked Haibane Renmei much more.

Aeon65 Feb 8, 2008

 Anime Quotes

To recognise one's own sin is to have no sin.

So are you a sinner?

 But if I think I have no sin I become a sinner.

This is the circle of sin To find the answer Is to find redemption.

~Haibane Renmei

"Don't talk, it makes you sound stupid". - Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"When you are hurt, you can sleep. When you hurt other's, you cannot sleep." - Ishbal chief from FMA

No matter where you go, everyone's connected.

~Serial Experiments: Lain

Aeon65 Feb 7, 2008

Arigoto SoThis for the reply! I was beginning to feel like a weirdo for being my age & liking anime so much! 

And thank you for creating such a great anime site!

sothis Feb 7, 2008

You aren't. ^_^ There's abunai, RalphP2, and a whole bunch of others :D