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I read.
Books, manga.
Story upon story.
Word after word.

I write.
Mostly Fantasy, I guess.
Mostly darkish themes.
With psychological undertones to keep it interesting.
Happy endings are not frequent, but they happen.
Original stories as well as a bit of fanfiction.

I listen.
Music, silence.
Everything that is in between those two.
And even more.

I think.
All the time.
Stories, plots, characters.
Too many, too much, too quickly, too often.

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bugsy132 says...

I was just wondering why don't you rate anything

Jun 29, 2012
AkaNoTsuki says...

HEY!! :D 

Jun 24, 2012
bugsy132 says...

hello finally people are listening to me about joining this site

Jun 23, 2012