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halfhearted Oct 2, 2007

Sorry about how long it's taken me to respond. I just had to turn my attention to hilariousness of "Bamboo Blade" and officially I must admit...

I am a hardcore Daisuke Sakaguchi fan. That man's nasal voice and howl of anger are anime gold, for me. And, although the Welcome to the NHK anime may have ended, I shall still have my dose of Yamazaki, although sadly its in a slightly different, less disturbed, and glassesless form. But, still, it's Sakaguchi!

*is done fangirlling like an idiot*

But, yeah, food. Hrm...why don't we just take the easy road out? And, instead of you slaving away in the kitchen (/sarcasm), we order pizza or Chinese or something. I haven't gotten delivery anything in ages, and it would be a nice treat, I think.

Anyways, I am off to go catch up on the lab work I should have had done like a month ago.

halfhearted Oct 2, 2007

Sounds like a plan, and a good one, at that!

halfhearted Oct 2, 2007

Well, I have class until 6. So, anytime after that is good, and my dorm is a bad idea as my suitemate is insane about noise. Do you know of any place that we could meet?

halfhearted Oct 2, 2007

No, I haven't heard of it but the idea of another random anime sounds pretty awesome.>.<

Right now, I have just been watching the first episodes of a bunch of anime that premiered on the first. And so far, it's good but nothing has really gotten my attention.  

halfhearted Oct 2, 2007

Yeah, sounds like fun! Hrm...days that I am free...


 Best day for me is either tomorrow or Thursday night, as I don't think that I have any big assignments or anything due for classes at the moment. Or, at least, they can easily be procrastinated away. 

 Actually, tomorrow would probably be the best, as Mita-sensei has really started to crack the whip in my Japanese class. And, loves to dole out homework, homework, homework! All due on Fridays. XP

 Watching My-Hime?