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halfhearted says...

Sorry about how long it's taken me to respond. I just had to turn my attention to hilariousness of "Bamboo Blade" and officially I must admit...

I am a hardcore Daisuke Sakaguchi fan. That man's nasal voice and howl of anger are anime gold, for me. And, although the Welcome to the NHK anime may have ended, I shall still have my dose of Yamazaki, although sadly its in a slightly different, less disturbed, and glassesless form. But, still, it's Sakaguchi!

*is done fangirlling like an idiot*

But, yeah, food. Hrm...why don't we just take the easy road out? And, instead of you slaving away in the kitchen (/sarcasm), we order pizza or Chinese or something. I haven't gotten delivery anything in ages, and it would be a nice treat, I think.

Anyways, I am off to go catch up on the lab work I should have had done like a month ago.

Oct 2, 2007
halfhearted says...

Sounds like a plan, and a good one, at that!

Oct 2, 2007
halfhearted says...

Well, I have class until 6. So, anytime after that is good, and my dorm is a bad idea as my suitemate is insane about noise. Do you know of any place that we could meet?

Oct 2, 2007
halfhearted says...

No, I haven't heard of it but the idea of another random anime sounds pretty awesome.>.<

Right now, I have just been watching the first episodes of a bunch of anime that premiered on the first. And so far, it's good but nothing has really gotten my attention.  

Oct 2, 2007
halfhearted says...

Yeah, sounds like fun! Hrm...days that I am free...


 Best day for me is either tomorrow or Thursday night, as I don't think that I have any big assignments or anything due for classes at the moment. Or, at least, they can easily be procrastinated away. 

 Actually, tomorrow would probably be the best, as Mita-sensei has really started to crack the whip in my Japanese class. And, loves to dole out homework, homework, homework! All due on Fridays. XP

 Watching My-Hime?

Oct 2, 2007