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Simply keeping track of great anime. Feel free to friend / message anytime.


You'll notice that my ratings are positively skewed. Occam's razor: I only watch anime that I believe I'll enjoy to some degree. If a particular title loses my interest, I'll drop it early on without giving it a rating. There's no use wasting my time, and I don't find it fair to rate something I haven't finished to completion.

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rofltobby Sep 10, 2007

hi otaku friend

angelbell Aug 11, 2007

Wow! Very impressive profile Mr.Andreas! Wish my profile was that long..oh well Bye BYe! lol:)

Mae Aug 1, 2007

Holy! You do everything. I only have one second language and I'm horrible at it.

Ohki Jul 31, 2007

I got into Kyo Kara Maoh the same way! It was for sale really cheap at Suncoast, and I remembered something about the main character getting flushed down a toilet, so I bought it to see how that worked. It's now my favorite anime ever.

Escaflowne does sound really good! I'll have to put that on my wishlist ^-^ 

Ohki Jul 29, 2007

Hey! So you're watching Kyo Kara Maoh? How do you like it? It's currently my favorite anime, and considering it's beating out things like Haibane Renmei...

 I haven't seen anything else on your top 5, though. X_x.