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Simply keeping track of great anime. Feel free to friend / message anytime.


You'll notice that my ratings are positively skewed. Occam's razor: I only watch anime that I believe I'll enjoy to some degree. If a particular title loses my interest, I'll drop it early on without giving it a rating. There's no use wasting my time, and I don't find it fair to rate something I haven't finished to completion.

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Pleggrs Apr 9, 2010

Hell ya I am glad to see I am not the only pilot who loves anime/manga. Hope all goes well with school and I have to agree with Elminster FMA is a great anime if you get the time you should watch it!

Elminster Feb 1, 2009

lmao, glad I could be of service.  Oh while browsing your list I noticed you haven't seen Full Metal Alchemist?!  You should definitly check it out sometime, amazing anime.

Ohki Jan 11, 2008

Sounds like a good idea =3

I'm RPing a lot now...XD.  

Ohki Jan 11, 2008

I'm good, thanks for asking~ I keep forgetting to do much posting here, though DX.


VivisQueen Oct 17, 2007

VAN!!!!! My number 1 is Escaflowne. Oh so nice to see someone on here who loves it too! *sigh* Weirdly, I think the shoddy plotting of the movie ruined the Van design for me - I now always prefer the series version. Not that the movie version isn't hot (admires muscly belly). Ah yes, a total classic. Hope you hop on over to the forums some time... or maybe you're already there. :)