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Anime is pretty rad sometimes.

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FFAith says...

Hey, sorry to intrude but is your name based on the word adorable? or a dork able? just curious nothing more.

Jun 17, 2013
silverdreams says...

D: I'm so sorry for the wait. College classes and moving are taking up most of my time. Which means I haven't finished baka and test 2 yet. ...But i hope that will soon be remedied.

yes it is. Whenever I play it people are always like "that's so pretty where'd you get it from" and i'm like ".....from an anime..." and hope they don't ask anymore. I don't want to tell them it's from a horror anime with murderous lolis. XD


Sep 25, 2011
silverdreams says...

No problem ^_^ Hope you had a good time.

I'm loving the second season of  Baka & Test as much as I loved the first one, if not more. As long as Hideyoshi's there i'm great! XD

I absolutley loved Shiki! ...though how would there be a second season?....only like seven people survived. XD

Actually I haven't watch higurashi. I can play Dear You on the piano but I've never actually watched the show. I did start Jigoku Shoujo at one point but I only watched the first two episodes. I've been meaning to go back and watch it though. Thank you for reminding me. ^_^

I love Kingdom Hearts too! Though to be completely honest I've only played 358/2 days. Mostly because I didn't have the right console. I'm working on fixing that problem though.

Aug 25, 2011
SadisticTendencies says...

No problem, glad I could help^^

Aug 25, 2011
silverdreams says...

and I'm sorry for the late reply as well  XDD

There's a few anime series that get me so hooked I can't stop watching them. But one hasn't popped up for a while. Baka to Test to Shokanjuu was one, Hetalia was another. But thankully the second season of baka to test is coming out right now so I can get more. O.O I don't think I've ever stayed up ALL night. I think my limit is around 3 in the morning. Though I do remember staying up til 5 trying to finish a game my friend had lent to me. I was trying to finish it in one night, it didn't work. XD

I guess I mean horror. I have found shiki and blood+ to watch but I'm almost done with shiki sooo, yeah. XD Shiki's actually better than I thought it would be. And Ozaki has a "so alike it's creepy" resembelance  to a character from that game I metioned ^ up there.

Aug 1, 2011