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Konichiwa minna~

CIAO a Tutti!

Yo! Watashi wa Ada-desu!



Name: RIKA

Nickname: Ada                                               

Age: 16

Birthdate: December 25, 1994


A very curious one who loves to explore and seek a lot of new things. Certified Anime addict and Manga addict. Loves to watch Japanese dramas and listen to Japanese pop music. A very adventurous one who loves to take any challenge. She can speak different languages. Loves to travel in different places.



color GRAY.Bake.Ice Cream.Cookies.the sound of Piano and Violin [I want to learn it so badly!].Anime.Manga.Books.




Favortie Quotes [taken from various Anime and Manga]

  • Nothing in this world is a coincidence.Everything is fated.
  • It really isn't the destination but the route in which you take that's truly important.
  • Don't wait for something good to happen to you, make it happen.
  • If you want things to change, Don't wait for soeone to change it for you. Go, change it yourself.
  • Life sometimes deals you a bad hand and you make a lot of mistakes along the way but as long as you believe in yourself and walk along your chosen path with a smile everything will be alright.
  • There is no such thing as perfection. This world itself is imperfect. That's what makes it so beautiful.
  • It makes you think, everything that occurs here is just the beginning of everything that is to come.
  • Even if your heart stops beating the blood keeps flowing...


NOTE: I don't know where did i get this next quote. I don't know the exact sentence. Anyway, i just love it!

  • Love can be magic but magic can sometimes...be just an illusion.




I'm glad that many people have tried to explain love. However, it's much easier to feel love rather than to explain it. It takes a person's whole life to understand the very true meaning of love, or not. As human, we're very smart, but we're not smart enough to define love yet. Some of love may be define, but there's a lots more is mystery. I believe that if we've explain love, there will be even greater feeling beyond love; but the greatest will never come.

It's always go on and on and on.

- thanks to PATTERN for his wonderful explanation of KOI.




I have watched lots of Anime since i was 6. And up to now, I'm still fond of it. I'm trying to recall the other animes i've watched and also the mangas i've read.


Grazie.Arigatou.Gracias.Merci.Thank You.

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Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Oct 7, 2011

Hey Ada ^^ , how u been,

Havent talk to u in awhile?

NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios


Jan 16, 2011

Yo, welcome to AP!

I understood the japanese sentence, I'm soooo cool ;D

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Jan 16, 2011

Hi I'm Shiraiyuki nice to meet you, welcome to AP!

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