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Hey peoples,

my names Josh and im a guy that just graduated from high school and can't find a job. So in the last few months i have had nothing better to do then watch none stop anime until i fall asleep but hey whos conplaining (not me). im starting college im the begining of 2010 so all i can do is wait. i smoke and i use to drink but now im over that if u want to kno y is cause i almost died (no joke) on the side of a hookah bar but i learned my lesson. Now im a die-hard anime lover(i hope thats wat kind of relationship we have) and a emulator know-it-all, and when im not on my computer im normally out on the streets riding my bike around (ya i ride a bike and i dont have a car so wat im getting around to it dont judge me). But if u want to talk to me about anime or watever u can send me a message to my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/worldsgreatestswordsmen. The url was from when i started kendo and so its is watever.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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HikaruTenshi Oct 8, 2009

You are very welcome. ^_^


HikaruTenshi Sep 24, 2009

To Anime-Planet. ^^