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Hey my name is Andy I am 24 years Old and i live in Shawnee Kansas. I had not watched anime literally till about 2 months ago and now i cant stop watching it. Looking to meet some good anime freaks and maybe you can throw me some good recomendations. :)

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wolfangel87 Nov 2, 2010

So what anime have you seen lately?

VivisQueen Sep 27, 2007

Saw Tetra's comment on the users page - was thinking 'Who's bitching about Kensai?' and just had to drop by for the gossip. Haha! Anyway, I love finding people who are new to anime. You have an ENTIRE world of amazingness to discover. The AniRec is awesome feature for finding anime, easy to use too. I see you've already got stuff on your list that you want to watch, so maybe you've already gotten into the habit of using it. If you want ti share ideas about anime with others or just soak up some anime trivia, come into the forum. We're all obsessed with anime so we talk a lot about it, but we also have great discussions about the randomest topics. Come in and introduce yourself in the forum - you won't regret it! :)    EDIT: You have seen Bebop the movie but not the series????!!! Oh my God, that needs to change! The movie is great - the series is mind-blowing.

tetra Sep 27, 2007

We are all nice here *nods* (with the possible exception of Kensai)

I like almost all anime, but some genres have a much harder time to convince me that they are good than others, harem and ecchi among them. But I do like reverse harem and yaoi ;)

This is my uhm...let me go and look,  4th year with anime planet. Came here in 2003 and has not regretted it once! And lately the site has changed alot, to the better. The anime list, signatures and easier recs are great!

OneiChan Sep 26, 2007

I'm sure you'll love FMA... I dont really know anyone who hasnt. It MUST be good to have made my #1 fav, hahaha. Seriously though, add a bio! If you have a bio and avatar then your page will show up on the user page as a random user from time to time. And if you dont want to make your own custom background for your siggy then you can join up with the forum and make a request for one ^_^

tetra Sep 25, 2007

Hihi!One dark and stormy night (litterally) I crossed your site and thought I should drop a line to say welcome =)