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Hewwo anime lovesss =]. Tis be Abby. Imma open minded person who likes a lot of tingsss. Espically animeeee ;D. I can be a beeotch buh I'm always a nicey first. So, if you say anyting to offend meh, I'll be a meanie, if nawt we are gudiesss. As you can tells I type werids. I likey to spicy tings up! As you can tells, I dun have AIM, MSN, ICQ, or Yahoo. Althoughs, I have a Myspace. www.myspace.com/beautiful__painostrings_. I have a famazing BF named DJ Santos! He has an account on hea, it's DIHSIsAvenged. Talky to him, he's such a gud listener && a sweetieeee!

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Kari5 avatar Kari5


Jul 6, 2009

You asked me about friend lists a while back. Just wanted to let you know that you can now add friends again!

jesskeelz avatar jesskeelz


Jun 13, 2009

Yup, I'm pretty sure there is only even episodes. I finished them all. It was actually really good. :D Yess, I love that game. Kingdom Hearts is ah-ma-zing. Heh.

Sorry for such a slow reply. I've been busy. :|

Aka avatar Aka


Jun 12, 2009

I love hellsing, it´s very good anime, and manga is good too, but anime is better :D Hellsing was one of my first anime.... My mum doesn´t like it, because she hate blood. She doesn´t like all horrors....

Aka avatar Aka


Jun 11, 2009

Hell yeah :) today I´m ill, so i´m watching Star wars :P I like horrors, because lots of horrors r very frightening :)

Aka avatar Aka


Jun 10, 2009

I´m not scared easily :) Do u saw Battle Royale? it´s japanese film, and there is a lot of blood. I like this film, but sometimes it´s very unpalatable.....

My fav films r Star wars. I love Star wars, they r amazing :) Yesterday, I read the book Star wars: The clone wars.... but my friends say "Star wars are stupid." That´s false!

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