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For a while now this has been among my favorite sites to look up anime recs, reviews, etc. I finally decided to get my own account to also help keep track of anime and manga I'm following or am interested in.

Now, how did I get into anime? College, sometime in 2010. Before that I had been casually re-watching some of the stuff I was into as a kid (e.g. Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, etc). A friend and my brother both kept recommending other shows so I gave a couple a try but was unable to follow up on them. I was still interested so I eventually made some time, ended up watching Naruto and after the first arcs found myself completely hooked. Why Naruto? Guess I just randomly picked one of the shows I'd heard or read a lot about. Anyway, it may not have been the first anime I watched but I cannot deny it did lead to my newfound fascination with anime and for that I'm still fond of the series.

So... that was my first real step into anime. After that I began watching more and more shows, got interested in manga as well :) Now, to my frustration, I always feel there's just never, ever enough time to watch anime haha.

As for my preferences, I'm pretty much open to any genre (of course, that doesn't mean I will actually like everything). 


I’ll be posting my rating guide sometime soon but be warned, some of my ratings have been a little subjective despite myself. Those with zero stars I either forgot to rate or, in a few cases, feel I can’t rate. 

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