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I feel I'm among friends so I won't hold back on my anime enthusiasm.  I love this stuff. The zaniness and the fresh creativity that's so frequent in this industry. I love going to anime cons and I I see an entire day of watching anime as productive, and not a waste of time. 

While I try to put some of my blogs here, I write about anime a lot on my blog at wordpress http://asimplelotus.wordpress.com/

I tend to favor dark and serious anime as you can tell by my top 10 list. The more mindless it seems, the less I tend like it. There are always exceptions! I watch anime mainly for intellectual stimulation so series' that tell great stories or focus on deep characters always ride well with me. Another thing I really enjoy in all anime is romance!  I can enjoy school/young romance but mature romance where the relationship has to struggle, or where one has to fight/sacrifice for the other almost like a tragedy is my favorite type.  For example, how they did romance in Stein's Gate.  I am a firm believer that the greatest thing an anime character can fight for, is the love of his life.  

After dark/psychological anime, I tend to favor artistic adventure and fantasy anime.  It doesn't necesarrily have to be action themed.  I prefer Hunter X Hunter over Bleach for this reason.  I love the feel of adventure and the creative artistic visuals of fantasy.  The Last Airbender series is actually my favorite animated series (anime or cartoon) because it takes fantasy and adventure, throws in some serious storytelling and a character who believes in love more than anything, and gives it to me in perfect 20 minute episodes.   

Probably the most popular things that I generally don't like are mech and most shounen style anime. Mecha anime are tough because they sometimes lose focus of the pilots themselves.  There's still anime with mech I enjoy like Gurren Lagaan and Code Geass but overall that's how I feel.  Also, Shounen tends to be too...mindless.  I find it a little overbearing when it's a shounen where every character is constantly shouting and the character development takes back seat to action.  I love action mind you, but I only love it in anime if it's supplemented by great characters or amazing visuals, like Kara No Kyoukai.  Otherwise I'll get my action fix with live action martial arts movies. 

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AtticPrincess avatar AtticPrincess

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 25, 2013

Thank you for friending me my friend! ^_^

Ambjoorn avatar Ambjoorn


Sep 3, 2013

April was theater release.

The BluRays will come out november or december this year.

You probably won't find it anywhere until then.

bluwesper avatar bluwesper


Aug 27, 2013

Yes, Butch is a Team Rocket grunt with his partner, Cassidy (So clever!). They are the foil to Jesse and James. He has a transgender-stressed voice, which is the only reason I hate him. It's annoying! 

His "name schtick" is really funny, though. No one ever gets his name right.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-osgRVcemM 

ImSylar avatar ImSylar


Jun 5, 2013

i'm suprised you haven't checked out 'Mirai Nikki'

UndeadNekoCat avatar UndeadNekoCat


Apr 30, 2013

I'll find a site to watch it on eventually. >:3

Its not weird at all, as long as your not acting like some psyco obbsessed killer like Yuno from Future Diary. xD 

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