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No good Dane spending all his free time on anime and games. I have a Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, so my professional term would be =lab rat.

My passion for anime comes from their length and stories. I really like science fiction, but when it comes to movies, there simply isn't enough! True some anime episodes are boring, but the good ones make up for all of them.

everything I've given 3 stars or more is something I plan to watch again. It is all about heart, I mean feeling :0p. Take Berserk eg. I lost count of how many times I've seen it, but it is way beyond 20+... hence my top 1 winner :0p. My kinda anime. Crest of the stars is like 5, and no I've only seen One Piece once... sickoes! :0p

I'll be quite frank, Anime-planet is helping me to find more anime, that I haven't watched, I'll rather watch more anime than write reviews/recs. And by the looks of it I have lots to watch ;0p

I DARE YOU! Challenge my top 5 be it anime I've already seen or have yet to see. Do you hate me for dropping your love love heart anime, then dare me right off the bat...

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DeathGodX Oct 13, 2007

Fully Sick Avatar Where u get it or make it !!!!

sothis Oct 13, 2007

Well the Outlaw Star/Bebop combo is a good rec! :p

DeathGodX Oct 13, 2007

i think the new season is going to start in like december or something dont kno when claymore making theirs

sothis Oct 13, 2007

Responded! ^_^ PS: you might want to go check out Asgorath's profile... he's super into the older mecha titles! He might have good ideas for you.

DeathGodX Oct 12, 2007

Thank your your holyness. I cant wait for the next seson of Claymore and code Geass to awesome anime with the ponetial to become Ledgends