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I am me. I play DDR and Beatmania. I collecthing things habitually. Currently I collect video games, though in the past I collected digital anime.

I belive that love is a fluid thing to be cultivated and shared with many people. I technicly dislike many relationship defining terms but use them anyway to help define my life to the people looking in.

I freely answer almost any question about me or my life because education and learning is the penical of human achivment.

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wolfangel87 says...

Hahaha, I love the avatar!!!!

Nov 27, 2007
sothis says...

Siiiiiignature! :D

Sep 23, 2007
OneiChan says...

I actually ran across your profile as the 'random user' I enjoyed reading your bio ^_^ But I was kind of surprised to see that you are only 24... You seem so mature and composed on the forums! I didn't want to lurk and not say anything, so I'll say thank you! Your thread in the forum is a breath of fresh air, and I hope that it can open a few sets of eyes ;) 

Aug 22, 2007
Wolfco says...

I see Record of Lodoss in your top five.  That was a point of brightness when I first started watching anime.  I had the real box set on VHS.  The set has since been lost, and I'm sure if I re-watched the series now, I'd find the animation dated, but somehow I still really like it.  Nostalgia for the win and maybe for the tears as well.  

Aug 10, 2007
tetra says...

best avatar ever!!!

*hugs DS lots and lots* 

Aug 10, 2007