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(For future reference.) Missing from AP: Anime Tenchou, Hell's Angels, Kaze no Toori Michi, Space Runaway Ideon, Summer Wars, Tokimeki Tonight.

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Waterwalker Nov 8, 2009

Other than that, I pretty much agree with Aiko's essay. ;)

I was just a bit taken aback -__-

Waterwalker Nov 8, 2009

You rated Standalone Complex WHAT?


 I am disappoint.

Matisse Nov 5, 2009

Firstly, I normally delete a comment when I have something more to say that I didn't add the first time. To save commenting a second (or potentially a third or forth) time, I will delete the message, but may choose to write the next one later on. So yeah, that's why you've received e-mail notifications for profile comments that aren't there.

I'm generally methodical and/or analytical by nature, always have been, which is further supplemented by my profession in advertising, where I'm responsible for formulating and executing each brand and/or campaign in the best way possible. The need to be visually critical and/or aware is paramount. Moreover, I can animate myself and have a reasonable understanding of the process involved, which may explain why I place an emphasis on the production. If anything, my reasoning for watching anime (and reading manga) nowadays is partly because of its aesthetic, not purely for its entertainment value (which is admittedly still the primary reason).

Aside from its production, I liked Juni Kokuki because of its base material and that it was a commendable adaptation overall. By the end of the series, I truly felt immersed into the world the series had shown me, which was comprehensive and interesting. Youko's development throughout the series was also genuine and handled particularly well. So, taking this into consideration, it's easily worthy of the five stars I have given it on this website. Sure, it had its flaws, like every series, but ultimately it delivered something on a far grander scale than many other anime series could only wish to achieve (and I've seen a lot).

Matisse Nov 3, 2009

Hah, you got me there (referring to the apology). :P

I see, the way you rate is more personal. I tend to methodically rate by comparison, often taking into account the production (animation, soundtrack and voice cast), while also acknowledging the script and character development, regardless of genre (as we've established). Of course, there's an element of personal preference. For instance, I'm a fan of series like Serial Experiments Lain or Paranoia Agent, which are decidedly more intellectual and multilayered than most. Therefore, such series will generally be rated higher.

Although I've seen my fair share of films/movies, you're right, I mainly watch television series. I suppose it's because I started off by watching anime on television and that, comparatively speaking, there's exponentially more anime series than films/movies overall, thus my list will reflect that. 

As for Juuni Kokki, what a wonderful anime series, even though the ending was somewhat non-conclusive. It's definitely an underrated masterpiece. I have read all of the novels in the series, so my rating of the anime is probably reflective of that too.

Matisse Nov 2, 2009

An eclectic, original and, dare I say, intelligent watched list you have here. It's rare to see someone from your generation take an appreciation toward some of the older series from the 80s and 90s, which is great, in addition to your list generally being less mainstream than the norm. By extension, some of your ratings do not align with what is averagely given, on the whole, which is unusual for someone who has conceivably seen quite little. Curiously, how long have you been watching anime and how do you decide what to watch? Sorry for the enquiry, I'm just intrigued.